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VP of CSCEC Works Shortly in Kenya, South Africa, Gabon and Equatorial Guin..

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  •   Liu Jinzhang, Vice President of China State Construction Engineering Corp., Ltd. (CSCEC), and other officials from CSCEC went to Kenyan, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea and worked in CSCEC institutions there between the end of February and early March to inspect their performance.
    During his stay in Kenya, Mr. Liu attended the unveiling ceremony of the Joint Party Branch Office of CSCEC Kenya and other institutions of Chinese companies in Kenya and was briefed the background of the office and its plan for future work as well as the progress of World Bank's water supply pipeline project.
    When he was in South Africa, Mr. Liu was briefed the general situation of the Party organization of CSCEC 2nd Bureau in foreign countries and the Party building of its branch in South Africa. He also inspected the project and discussed the feasibility of CSCEC 2nd Bureau's plan to investg in and construct an industrial park in South Africa.
    In Gabon, he learned about the development and performance of CSCEC West and Central Africa in local market, general situation of Party building especially the Port Gentil Stadium project. He also paid visits to high-ranking government officials of Gabon and Hu Changchun, Chinese Ambassador to Gabon.
    On March 5, Mr. Liu met with Ricardo Mangue Obama Nfubea, the Prime Minister of Equatorial Guinea. The Prime Minister welcomed the CSCEC delegation, and extended his gratitude to the Chinese Government and CSCEC for their contribution to urban construction of his country. Mr. Liu expressed thankfulness to the Prime Minister for his trust and support, and promised that his company will never let down the government and people of Equatorial Guinea and build the under-construction projects into models for future construction. Besides, Mr. Liu and other CSCEC delegates paid visits to Chen Guoyou, the Chinese Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Gu Jiafeng, Consul-general in Bata, and the Economic Consul Su Jianguo. He also gave lectures to officials and employees of CSCEC Equatorial Guinea about Party building and listened carefully to their advices for improve Party buildings in the host country.
    He emphasized that as a pioneer company of going global, CSCEC must attach great importance to Party building in its overseas institutions. The Party organization should be the core of leadership and its political strength should be turned into advantages in overseas development. The Party branch of overseas institutions should maintain effective communication with embassies to ensure compliance of all activities of the institution, and innovate upon its way of work to make employees feel happier. Besides, leading officials of overseas institutions should give lectures to young Party members to consolidate their confidence in the Party's leadership.
    Officials from Overseas Operations and CSCEC 2nd Bureau attended some inspection activities. (from Overseas Operations & CSCEC 8th Bureau)

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