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05/03/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 05/03/2019 03:57

Anything but boring! The IdeenExpo in Hannover attracts more than 300,000 visitors from all parts of Germany every two years. What will Volkswagen showcase there in 2019?[...]

'We built a transparent car,' says Justin Pausch, who is in his third year of an automotive mechatronic trainee program at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg and who built the exhibit along with his colleagues. 'We laid bare all of the onboard power electronic systems - every cable, every motor, every knob. The trappings are gone, and everything works, even without the missing body parts.' The result looks like something from the future, and it's name sounds futuristic as well: eGon.

Visitors to the IdeenExpo will be the first people who will be able to take a close look at eGon. They will immediately see just how complex the normally hidden electronic systems really are and how all components are connected to one another. 'My training colleagues and I are really looking forward to showing off our vehicle at the IdeenExpo,' Justin Pausch says. 'It is really a great feeling to imagine a young visitor to the exhibition climbing into our e-Golf, working the electric windows and seeing where the power flows and what happens.'

Tobias Dieninghoff of Occupational Training, Total Vehicle, Vehicle Technology E.Lab adds: 'The slogan of the IdeenExpo is 'Give it a try.' 'Our trainees really took this idea to heart when they built this exhibit. And they didn't ease up - even when things got tricky and tough.' Dieninghoff is proud of his young colleagues, and he has every right to be. You need a good head on your shoulders and perseverance to work intensely in a team for several months on a project that had never been done before. The core team consisted of eight trainees, four automotive mechatronic technicians and four design mechatronic technicians. They were supported by trainees from the paint and interior departments.