Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

01/21/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/21/2021 09:01

The crews of the 'Iskander' OTMS of EMD trained to destroy important objects of the mock enemy during the exercise in Buryatia

21.01.2021 (09:09)

In Buryatia, the crews of the 'Iskander-M' operational and tactical missile system (OTMS) of the Eastern Military District performed electronic missile launches at the most remote important objects of the mock enemy.

According to the plan of the exercise, the launch batteries of the missile systems made marches to the designated areas and carried out deployment, comprehensive support and preparation for firing and fire control.

The specialists of the NBC protection took measures to set up aerosol curtains and reduce the unmasking signs of the equipment.

To assess the effectiveness of hitting targets during combat launches, 'Orlan-10' multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with modern digital visualization and data transmission tools were used.

The crews of the 'Iskander' OTMS worked out several elements based on the suddenly incoming introductory data from the command post, including the military personnel performed a simultaneous training (electronic) launch of aeroballistic and cruise missiles.

The training targets were destroyed, after which the 'Iskander' OTMS launchers quickly changed the position area.