Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

02/27/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 02/27/2020 08:01

The 'Yars' column arrived in Alabino, near Moscow, to prepare for the military parade

27.02.2020 (13:30)

In preparation for the military parade on the Red Square, devoted to the 75 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war, a mechanized column of mobile ground missile launcher systems 'Yars' has arrived in the Moscow suburb of Alabino from a constant dislocation point Teykovo in Ivanovo region.

The route of the column passed through the territory of three regions, including the Federal highway M7, through the Moscow ring road to the suburban settlement of Alabino (the length of the route is more than 400 km).

The mechanics-drivers of the Teikovo rocket formation demonstrated high marching skills.

As part of the mechanized column of the parade, three autonomous 'Yars' rocket launchers will pass through the Red Square.

In preparation for the parade, in February, the formation held control sessions with the crew personnel participating in the parade from the Strategic Missile Forces.

After receiving tests for special training, driving on the racetrack of 'Yars' in column, the Commission of the command of the Strategic Missile Forces and the Vladimir missile formation decided to allow military personnel to participate in the preparation for the parade.

Since 2008, the personnel and equipment of Teikovo missile formation have been taking part in a military parade on the Red Square in Moscow.

Currently, the division is armed with 'Topol-M' and 'Yars' mobile ground missile launcher systems.