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Intern Spotlight: Saylor Evans

Intern Spotlight: Saylor Evans

August 13, 2020


Last, but definitely notleast,is our other Finance Intern,Saylor Evans!He currently attends Ohio University and plans to graduate in Winter of 2023 with a Bachelor of Sciencein Finance.When it's time to start applying for jobs, Saylor is looking for a company who has a welcoming and fun environment where he can learn and develop professionally. His dream career is to be the General Manager for the Cleveland Browns.

Saylor has been working on importing the Behemoth into Power BIto show where the Company isprofitableand opportunities for improvement. His favorite part about PGT Innovations is the work environment and the people he's had the chance to work with. AdviceSaylor would give to other interns is to not be afraid to share your ideas with your fellow team members. Overall, one lesson he's learned from PGT Innovations is to always look to improve something.

Other Fun Facts About Saylor:

  • Hometown: Sandusky, Ohio
  • Cats or Dogs: Dogs
  • If you could be any superhero, who would you be? Spiderman

During our headshot photoshoot, we also had our interns do a 'personality' picture. Here is Saylor busy at work while on a call. Special thanks to CareerEdge for their partnership and continued support of our internship program!