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09/24/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/24/2021 12:07

OUT OF TOUCH: Reps. Hinson and Miller-Meeks Side with Radical TX Abortion Ban, Vote Against Reproductive Health Care

Vulnerable Reps. Hinson and Miller-Meeks sent a clear message to Iowans today: with reproductive freedom and the constitutional right to an abortion under attack, they sided with bounty hunters over bodily autonomy.

Reps. Hinson and Miller-Meeks' vote against codifying the critical protections of Roe v. Wade and affirming nearly 50 years of Supreme Court precedent is just the latest evidence that they're grossly out of touch with Iowa. The majority of Americans support the passage of a national law that would protect the constitutional right to safe, legal abortion and stop radical abortion bans, including the one passed this month in Texas. Broad majorities of Americans oppose key provisions of the restrictive Texas abortion law, new polling shows.

Yet when it came time to stand up for Iowans, Reps. Hinson and Miller-Meeks once again voted to control women's bodies and lives over protecting their freedom to make their own decisions free from political interference and vigilante bounty hunters.

DCCC Spokesperson Elena Kuhn:

"Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks' vote against protecting women's freedom to make their own health care decisions is flat-out dangerous for their constituents whose longstanding constitutional right to an abortion is under attack. If Hinson and Miller-Meeks won't stand up to even the most radical abortion bans that place bounties on the heads of doctors and anyone who assists a woman seeking care, they are too extreme for Iowa."