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08/07/2019 | News release | Archived content

Smart Sales - Futuristic way of selling

With technologies backing the salesperson, his/her efficiency is bound to be optimal. As inferred from the diagram above, integration of experience and technology platforms through a digital core is the essence of this new-age revolution. SmartSales brings together these two platforms to embed technology and simplify selling through deep AI and big data. Elaborating further, in order to experience an automated digital assist, computer vision, voice enablement, digital personas, facial recognition, etc., need to be realized. This is done using the SmartSales modules like interactive modules, chatbot, content management tools, etc., that are created using the technology stack. One can realize in-moment recommendations, business value mapping through rich knowledge management and social listening leveraging LinkedIn connectors and content management tools. These are modern technologies that are easy-to-use. They are provided by market leaders like Microsoft to empower developers and in turn the end-users.

To illustrate the nitty gritty of the product/service being sold, SmartSales highlights the usage of IoT and mixed reality to be able to provide a seamless experience through interactive augmented reality. With augmented reality taking centre stage, encompassing its usage to highlight the best of features and to be able to compare with competition real size and real-time will definitely make decision-making easier and quicker. Such offerings collated in one-single piece constitutes what is called SmartSales.

SmartSales is a one-of-a-kind solution developed using Microsoft stack, for every enterprise or corporate that sells. So common and yet so critical, it integrates business apps with social media inputs making the information provided to a salesperson fresh and relevant at one-click. With information curated from the CRM platform to facilitate knowledge management, it holistically uplifts the salesperson's work, augmenting his/ her capability and making selling as a process, simple and easy.