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5G Network Technologies & 5G-enabled Technologies: Opportunity to Advise Government Policy Makers

December 5, 2018

5G Network Technologies & 5G-enabled Technologies: Opportunity to Advise Government Policy Makers

5G Network Technologies Advisors

The federal Architecture Framework Advisory Committee (AFAC) will be convening the next AFAC session on Friday, January 11, 2019 (13:00 to 16:00 EST) and CATA has been asked to confirm executives with 5G expertise who might be interested in participating.

You should be prepared to provide lessons learned, guidance, experience, and insights pertaining to 5G network technologies and 5G-enabled technologies to help the GC prepare for implementation and better support new services for Canadians.

Please review meeting details below and then confirm your interest with CATA CEO, John Reid at email [email protected]. Note that attendance can be in person or online.

Topic:5G Network Technologies and 5G-enabled Technologies

Goals/Objectives:Canadian implementation of fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, is targeted for 2020. Broad adoption of this technology will fuel the development of and demand for emerging technologies like Edge Computing and the Internet of Things. The Government of Canada (GC) is championing the development and implementation of 5G (for example, through its support of the ENCQOR test corridor); however, it also recognizes the need to transform GC architecture to support this new reality and manage its downstream effects.

Desired Outcomes:Industry recommendations on how best to:

  • Provide Canadians with convenient, quick, and responsive access to programs and services.
  • Develop proactive protection and strategies that address and respond to a rapidly evolving and increasing sophisticated threat environment.
  • Ensure that the GC can offer seamless service delivery, as is now expected by Canadians from all providers.
  • Develop a streamlined approach to the adoption of new technologies and the migration to common shared infrastructures.

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