Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

08/17/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/17/2020 04:21

Seven warships of the Pacific Fleet will be presented at a static exhibition within the framework of the Army 2020 International Military-Technical Forum in Vladivostok

17.08.2020 (03:30)

ARMY 2020 International military-technical forum will be held in the Primorsky Territory on August 27-29.

Traditionally, the main forum site will be the 33rd pier of the Pacific Fleet on Korabelnaya embankment in Vladivostok. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held there. It is planned that at the berth there will be displayed warships and auxiliary vessels of the Pacific Fleet, an exposition of military equipment and special-purpose equipment of the Coastal Troops of the Navy, equipment, search and rescue service, in total up to 50 pieces.

It has already been determined that the guests of the forum will be able to visit the Bystry destroyer, the Korean small anti-submarine ship, the R-19 missile boat, the BT-215 сoastal minesweeper, Ivan Kartsov landing boat, the Grachonok-type anti-sabotage boat and a large hydrographic boat BGK-2151. These ships and vessels will be specially moored at the main naval berth on the eve of the ARMY 2020 opening.

Five sites will be equipped for a demonstration of the forces of the Pacific Fleet, a static exhibition of weapons and military equipment, as well as an exposition of enterprises producing military and dual-use products.

The guests of the Forum will be able to familiarize themselves with samples of aviation equipment of the naval aviation of the Navy, planes and helicopters of the Air Forces and Air Defence Army of the Eastern Military District and DOSAAF aviation at the Tsentralnaya Uglovaya airfield in the suburbs of Vladivostok. It is planned to place fighters, anti-submarine aircraft and helicopters, as well as modern anti-aircraft missile systems on this site of the Forum.

In the branch of the Patriot Park on the Russky Island on the Voroshilovskaya Battery, it is planned to deploy an exposition of weapons from the Great Patriotic War and the post-war period.

The scientific and business program of the forum was planned on the basis of the Far Eastern Federal University and in the House of Navy Officers. Scientific conferences and round tables will be held there.