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11/20/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/20/2020 00:07

'Entertainment transfer culture color change the world' color Planet technology ushered in the 'highlight' period

Recently, color Planet Technology (NASDAQ code: CSCW hereinafter referred to as: Color planet) annual financial report as scheduled in the United States, detailed and accurate reporting and analysis, so that investors and investment Banks for the current operation of color planet and the future development of more confidence. In the same period, color planet in the United States stock market value rose again, also let the enterprise for the future is full of infinite expectations.

In addition, the performance of Wu Muye's piano solo world tour in Changsha on November 15, which bears the name of Colorful Planet, has also received great response. Color star with the help of the international famous piano artist Mr Wu Muye's influence and appeal, use and at every node, through online push each other, not only the consistent performance from both inside and outside the industry, but also successfully attracting many fans to become the member of 'colorful world', to the late harvest had great security.



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Color planet CEO LuZongYue told TV media in an interview, 'we have a very rich experience and resources, culture and entertainment, the spread of using network technology force and the impact of offline, really bring you a world of color, this is not only bring mass outbreak after the most appropriate entertainment to enjoy, also want to play a important role to the industry.'

Color Planet TECHNOLOGY CEO Lu Zongyue accepted an exclusive interview with Hunan TV

Next, Planet Color will host the Color World Music Festival tour around the world. At present, the color team is doing intensive preparations for the music festival. After releasing the festival concept poster recently, the team is conducting a field survey in Haikou. From the scale to the stage, from the lineup to the presentation mode, the team is actively negotiating with local partners, striving to bring the most exciting performance for everyone.

Color World Music Festival -- Field trip

It's music, it's color, it's constant shock and heat. Color Planet Technology and famous Asian label music festival together to create the most cool, hot, the most popular music scene 'color World Music Festival'.

Various tastes of life, music infinite color, rock, pop, electronic music, folk, national style... What kind of music is your greatest preference and which love bean is your eternal idol? !

Yes, it's all here! Colorful music Colorful life Colorful world!