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Copenhagen Is the 5th-Smartest City in the World

10-10-19 DI Business News

Copenhagen Is the 5th-Smartest City in the World

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is the 5th-smartest city in the world. In a new list of 102 world cities Denmark scores highly in terms of smart technological solutions, access to green spaces and good local council services. DI believes that this is something we can be proud of.

In a list of 102 world cities, Copenhagen is the 5th-smartest. Such is the finding of the Smart Cities Index, compiled by the IMD World Competitiveness Center and Singapore University for Technology and Design (SUTD).

The list is the only global survey based on citizens' assessments. Copenhagen is a high scorer when it comes to security, absence of corruption, smart technological solutions, access to green spaces, job search tools, availability of good schools and a business community that creates new jobs.

'We can be immensely proud of this impressive ranking. It demonstrates that people are pleased with our capital,' says Allan Sørensen, Chief Analyst at the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI).

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Lacking a Corporate Assessment

He believes that several of the areas in the Smart Cities index are relevant to businesses.

'Take, for example, public transport, the level of education and new jobs. In all three areas, Copenhagen does extremely well in the survey. Copenhagen is also doing well in areas such as broadband coverage and mobile broadband coverage: important prerequisites when it comes to being a front-running digital metropolis,' says Allan Sørensen.

Copenhagen's smart solutions with apps that facilitate recycling, online medical appointments, online travel programmes and ticket sales to make public transport easier, and platforms where citizens can come up with ideas: all these are also rated highly in the index.

However, the Smart Cities survey does not include an assessment by the business community. Allan Sørensen finds this annoying.

'DI's own survey of the Local Business Climate, based on assessment by companies, reveals that in several areas Copenhagen could draw inspiration from other Danish municipalities. This applies to the likes of the cooperation between job centres and companies, or information sharing and discussion between municipalities and businesses. In this context, Copenhagen need not only look at international cities, but could find inspiration here in Denmark,' says Allan Sørensen.

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