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XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence (AI) turns your video media into “Smart Media”!

19.07.2018 / global, streaming media

Diepholz/Bremen - 19. July 2018: artec technologies advances the XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform with new capabilities by turning video and audio media into 'Smart Media'. Broadcasters, Monitoring and News Agencies all acknowledge media files contain valuable information, which is difficult to unlock without extensive teams of personnel to review and catalogue the media. This is a time consuming and expensive task. With XENTAURIX 'Smart Media' this valuable information is automatically unlocked using Artificial Intelligence (AI) generating a wide range of smart metadata enabling advanced search capabilities and content recognition of faces, persons, objects, locations, styles, sound, speech transcription, brands, sport events, audience reactions and much more by using advanced machine learning with our partner Valossa (Oulu, Finland).

'The co-operation with Valossa, now enables XENTAURIX AI to automatically detect a wide range of advanced 'Smart Media' attributes without the need for large teams of personnel to catalog their media. With XentauriX AI and Valossa, the number of media monitoring personnel is significantly reduced, enabling media monitoring personnel to focus on the automated detection results to catalogue their media rather than scanning each second of footage. This technological approach will save XENTAURIX customers significant personnel staffing budgets with greater operational efficiencies and allow media expansion with a well defined linear financial metric, thereby allowing more media to be processed with reduced personnel', states Thomas Hoffmann, Managing Director of artec technologies AG.

XENTAURIX AI integrates closely with Valossa to provide 'Smart Media' intelligence results quickly and efficiently, whilst combining these results with XentauriX metadata, ensuring the XentauriX AI search engine is enriched to provide a rich data source of company wide media intelligence.

'Our collaboration with XENTAURIX delivers significant value add to media industry by making video production more manageable, and enabling new ways for digital content monetization. Valossa AI delivers superhuman cognitive capabilities for content screening tasks, and this power can now be harnessed to good use via XENTAURIX platform.', says Valossa CEO Mika Rautiainen.

artec technologies presents the new technology at the International Broadcast Exhibition IBC 2018 in Amsterdam, booth B16, hall 7, September 14-18, 2018

About us artec technologies AG (WKN 520958) from Germany develops and produces innovative software and system solutions for the transmission, recording and evaluation of video, audio and metadata in networks and the Internet.

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