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07/23/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Team GB and Artist Ben Mosley Create a LIVE Expressionist Olympic Mural at Carnaby Street

Team GB and artist Ben Mosley are launching a collaborative three-week live painting Team GB Medal Moments Studio pop-up, located at number 3 Carnaby Street in the heart of London's West End. The space is situated in a prime location, right by the infamous 'Welcome to Carnaby' arch. This one-of-a-kind, free artist experience will mark the long-awaited launch of the Tokyo Olympics.

On the 23rd of July Mosley will begin a live documentation of GB team's Olympic endeavours, by creating a mural across the walls of 3 Carnaby Street. Each day of the Games, Mosely will apply his unique style and trademark speed to create a mural that captures the most inspiring moments from the day prior.

Every evening, the work Mosley has done that day will be turned into digital non-fungible tokens or NFTs and auctioned off to the highest bidder via Team GB's unique NFT store, set up in partnership with leading NFT commerce provider Tokns. On the final day of the experience, one extremely lucky individual will purchase an NFT created from the final result of Mosley's work - the mural in its entirety.

Expressionist painter and current Team GB artist-in-residence Ben Mosley is one of the most exciting young talents on the UK art scene. Mosley has become globally renowned for creating inspirational artwork that captures a moment in time. His work celebrating sportspeople has been recognised globally. Mosley creates live pieces, allowing viewers to watch the artwork's natural progression.

Ben Mosley says, 'To be an official artist for Team GB is a huge honour and a big responsibility as well. I'll be trying to capture some of the biggest moments in British sporting history. I love the drama and the passion of the Olympic Games, and the Paralympics and the commitment and drive of our amazing British athletes is so inspiring. Let's hope I get to paint some incredible sporting memories. To be able to create an Olympic mural in Carnaby Street is an amazing opportunity. Carnaby Street is one of the most famous and fashionable streets in the world and it's a terrific honour to be involved in this wonderful collaboration'.

The pop-up will be open to the public for the next three weeks, allowing visitors to obtain a first-hand view of the artwork's daily progression in parallel with GB team's Olympic accomplishments. The public are invited to join the experience at the Team GB Medal Moments Studio at 3 Carnaby Street and follow the updates on socials @CarnabyLondon.

Team GB's NFT store - created by Tokns and launched today - will be the first of its kind to sell NFTs on a platform that makes NFT ownership accessible and open to all. Tokns aims to demystify NFTs, setting up marketplaces that look familiar to all online shoppers and in which collectors can pay by standard currency as well as by cryptocurrency.

Samantha Bain-Mollison, Retail Director, Shaftesbury: 'We are excited to host this experiential pop-up and be part of the positive support for Team GB. The activation will give visitors to Carnaby a unique opportunity to see such an amazing artist at work.'

The pop-up will be open from 23rd July - 14th August 2021 between 11am-4pm.

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For further information and images please contact Meghan Ryan at Sister London [email protected]020 7287 9601

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Tokns Commerce is the premier provider of white-label, non-fungible token (NFT) storefronts for world-class organisations and iconic individuals from the worlds of music, sport, and entertainment. Fan communities and avid NFT collectors alike can securely purchase with their choice of credit card or crypto currency all from a highly customisable shop on the seller's O&O channels. Tokns simplifies the process from creative ideation to custody to a buyer's crypto wallet of choice. With the mission to demystify and democratise NFTs, Tokns was founded by social media software entrepreneur Jamie Tedford, and Stellwagen Ventures founders and MD's Matthew Baxter and Jeff Walker. With offices in Boston and London, Tokns Commerce is privately funded and growing rapidly to support clients like Olympic Team GB and others around the globe.