Nanjing Panda Electronics Company Ltd.

08/10/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Panda Electronics actively participated in epidemic preventi...

When the epidemic situation changed, the Party committee and headquarters of the company attached great importance to it. The COVID-19 prevention team of company responded immediately, and deployed the related work according to the latest epidemic prevention requirement of Nanjing municipal government and Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone. All units of the company conveyed the epidemic prevention and control requirements in time, and made arrangements for personnel access and nucleic acid testing.

In order to actively implement Nanjing's Circular on nucleic acid testing for all citizens in the city and do a good job in staff nucleic acid testing and epidemic prevention and control, Panda Electronics fully cooperated with Qixia District Party committee and district government to set up a temporary nucleic acid testing point at gate No.2 of the Panda Equipment Park on July 21 to provide free nucleic acid testing for tens of thousands of surrounding enterprises, residents and company employees. The majority of Party members, cadres and Youth League members of the company have the courage to take responsibility, effectively ensure the life safety and health of all employees and the general public, effectively contribute to the epidemic prevention work in Qixia District, and fully demonstrate the style of central enterprises and social responsibility.

In addition to the Panda Equipment Park, Panda Manufacturing, Panda Communication and other industrial companies also organized the employees to go for nucleic acid testing in batches, and dispatched volunteers to assist the surrounding testing points to complete the testing work.