Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

04/22/2019 | News release | Distributed by Public on 04/22/2019 08:36

Anti-aircraft gunners train to cover Burk air defence systems from a cruise missile attack near Astrakhan

22.04.2019 (16:06)

During the anti-aircraft training, air defence gunners trained to cover a Buk-M2 colomn from a mock cruise missile attack in Astrakhan Region, Central Military District.

According to the plan of exercises, the mock enemy planned to engage the Buk-M2 systems by cruise missiles as the colomn was on the march to a shooting area.

Having detected small targets, the Igla-S systems escorting the Buk-M2 colomn successfully engaged aerial targets and prevented the mock enemy attack.

The drills involved 500 troops and more than 80 pieces of military equipment.