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12/05/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/05/2021 05:01

Mabruk Oil Operations .... Announcement (Pre-qualification Invitation)

Mabruk Oil Operations (hereinafter referred to as the MOO) invites interested local and international companies (or their representatives), that are specialized and competent in providing ANCHOR, HANDLING AND TOWING SUPPLY BOATS (AHTS & AHT) CHARTER SERVICE to participate in Pre-qualification process.

The participant should have the required technical and financial resources and submit to MOO their completed Pre-qualification documents in accordance with the provisions included in this announcement and detailed in the pre-qualification questionnaire for evaluation.

Only the prequalified participants will receive invitation to tender in due course. If the participant is deemed unqualified, MOO is not obligated to send any notification.

The prequalifying criteria shall be determined by MOO at its sole discretion. MOO reserves its right to reject any /or all participants at its sole discretion. MOO's discretion is not subject to appeal.

This Pre-qualification invitation does not imply any commitment or obligation, implied or otherwise, for MOO to launch a call for tender or enter into a contract.

All costs of whatsoever nature incurred in the preparation and submission of the Pre-qualification documents, including visits, if any, incurred in connection with this invitation, shall be borne by participated companies.

Important Note:

The Pre-qualification Invitation is not an invitation to tender.

Field location:

AlJurf Field is an Offshore field located about 160 kilometers to the North- West of Tripoli City, Libya, at the coordinates:

Longitude: 12º 01′ 56″

Latitude : 33º 50′ 57″

Scope of Services

Provision of Anchor, handling and towing Supply Boat (AHTS & AHT) Charter Services as follow:

- Passengers Transportation to and from Aljurf field

- Transportation of food supplies, fuel & all needed operations material to/from Aljurf field

- Transportation of equipment, spare parts and cargo including all types of allowed dangerous cargo as "Chemicals and radioactive materials"

- All required activities during crude oil Off-loading operations from the FPSO to Oil Tanker including pulling & pushing the tanker.

- Towing, pushing, pulling, and anchor handling services at field.

- Oil spill response clearance.

- Firefighting services.

- Evacuation operation and MEVAC as needed

- Sharing and supporting the fields of national oil companies in emergencies after our approval

- Accommodation of contractors working in FPSO FARWAH when necessary

- Search and rescue operations, transfer of illegal immigrants in coordination with the Coast Guard

Participation :

The Pre-qualification questionnaire will be made available to interested companies only upon formal request, which should clearly indicate the name of the company, address, phone number, person to contact and its title, an email address and stating clearly their intention and interest to participate.

The formal request shall be sent to Tender Committee coordinator by email or fax, strictly to the following address:


Tender Committee Acting Coordinator

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax: +(218) 21 33 50 561

Tel: +(218) 21 33 50 401 Ext. 1302

The following information must be mentioned in the e-mail subject of the formal request

(name of participant -Tug Boats Charter services - Pre-qualification questionnaire request)


This announcement will remain posted on the NOC & MOO websites until 30/12/2021 The last date to receive the prequalification documents from the participants is 06/01/2022. Accordingly, all interested companies should submit the required Pre-qualification information not later than this date. Any document submitted after this date will be disregarded.


the prequalification questionnaire responses and the required information documents shall be submitted in one original and one electronic copy in a sealed envelope identified and marked with the name of the participants and the mention of "PRE-QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE FOR ANCHOR, HANDLING AND TOWING (AHTS & AHT) BOATS CHARTER SERVICES" and to be sent by courier (or hand delivered) prior to the specified deadline to the following address:

Mabruk Oil Operations

Dhat El-Imad Complex,

Tower 4, Floor 7

Tripoli, Libya

To : Tender Committee Acting Coordinator

For the Attention of: Ms. Narjis ALMASHAY

Tel: +(218) 21 33 50 401 Ext. 1302

Fax: +(218) 21 33 50 561


Please contact Mabruk Oil Operations Reception desk in Tower 2 - Ground Floor, at Dhat El-Imad Complex, for direction in the event of hand delivery of the Pre-Qualification Documents.

Covid-19 precautions: wearing masks is compulsory to enter MOO offices.