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Optimism And Praise For Pompeo’s Nomination Is Rolling In


Praise For CIA Director Mike Pompeo From Senators And Members Of Congress Was Pervasive During Today's Hearing And Throughout The Week

Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) Said He Was 'Optimistic' Pompeo Would 'Fight For The State Department, For USAID, For Resources And Their Personnel.' SEN. CHRISTOPHER COONS (D-DE): 'Thank you, Director Pompeo, for your willingness to step forward and once again serve our country, to your family and to you for what has been a long career of public service in the United States military as an elected official, as the Director of the CIA and now for this position. I appreciated the conversation we had yesterday and the opportunity to follow up on some of the issues we discussed. I am optimistic you would follow through on your commitment to fight for the State Department, for USAID, for resources and their personnel.' (Committee On Foreign Affairs, U.S. Senate, Hearing , 04/12/18)

  • Coons Said He Was 'Confident That [Pompeo] Would Be A Good Advocate For The Career Professionals At The State Department And USAID.' COONS: 'Thank you. Those same topics we had very constructive conversation yesterday and I'm confident that you would be a good advocate for the career professionals at the State Department and USAID.' (Committee On Foreign Affairs, U.S. Senate, Hearing , 04/12/18)

NBC: 'Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-KS) Vouched For Mike Pompeo At Confirmation Hearing: 'He'll Hit The Ground Running. He Knows The Territory. He Knows The People. He's Ready To Go.'' 'Bob Dole vouches for Mike Pompeo at confirmation hearing: 'He'll hit the ground running. He knows the territory. He knows the people. He's ready to go.'' (NBC Politics, Twitter Feed , 4/12/18)

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) Compared CIA Director Mike Pompeo To Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell, Calling Them Both Individuals Who Can Be A 'Military Officer And Also Be A Good Diplomat.' SEN. ROB PORTMAN (R-OH): 'You know who you sound like? You sound like Colin Powell.' CIA DIRECTOR MIKE POMPEO: 'I'll take that as high praise.' PORTMAN: 'Yeah, well, look, for those who wonder can you be a military officer and also be a good diplomat, I think he is someone who proves the point, highly regarded at the State Department, combat officer, like yourself, someone who had a strong military background and he was very effective at the diplomacy part and of managing the foreign service as well.' (Committee On Foreign Affairs, U.S. Senate, Hearing , 04/12/18)

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Stated That Pompeo's 'Proven Leadership On National Security Matters Make Him Uniquely Qualified To Fill This Important Position.' 'Speaking at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Mike Pompeo's nomination to be our next Secretary of State. His proven leadership on national security matters make him uniquely qualified to fill this important position.' (Sen. Marco Rubio, Twitter Feed , 04/12/18)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Stated That He Could Not 'Think Of A Better Choice For Our New Secretary Of State Than Mike Pompeo.' SEN. LINDSAY GRAHAM (R-SC): 'I cannot think of a better choice for our new Secretary of State than Mike Pompeo.' (Press Release, 'Statement From U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham,' Sen. Lindsay Graham , 03/13/18)

Graham Told Fox News That Mike Pompeo Was 'An Outstanding Choice To Be Secretary Of State.' FOX NEWS' DANA PERINO: 'Let's bring in South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Mike Pompeo is answering a lot of questions today. How was this concern that the United States is not at the table trying to figure out this problem, but the problem is super complex, lots of different moving parts. How do you see as it stands now at 2:25 p.m.? GRAHAM: 'I think Mike Pompeo is outstanding choice to be secretary of state. We need to be involved in what happens to Syria, not turn over to Russians, Iranians or turkey. Let me say to Bob Menendez, my friend, I voted for John Kerry, understanding how many times I disagreed with him, because I thought he was qualified. He was first in his class at West Point, an army officer, went to Harvard Law School, been CIA director, been a member of Congress, traveled all over the world with myself and Senator McCain. He's an outstanding choice. He has the confidence of the president, CIA director, he understands the world for what it is. He is not a libertarian, I understand why Rand Paul does not like him. He is a solid, conservative Republican, that I think is highly qualified and I hope he gets bipartisan support.' (Fox News' 'The Daily Briefing,' 04/12/18)

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Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) Stated That Pompeo Ran The CIA In An 'Ethical Manner' And Has Been 'Transparent With The Intelligence Committee' And 'Always Spoken The Truth.' 'Sen. Burr, intelligence committee chairman, says #Pompeo has run the CIA in an 'ethical' manner. 'Mike's been responsive and he's been transparent with the intelligence committee and more importantly, has always spoken the truth.''(Patricia Zengerle, Twitter Feed , 04/12/18)

Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) On Pompeo's Time In The House Of Representatives: No One 'Came Better Prepared With More Understanding Of The Issues And Always Looking For A Creative Answer' And That He Knows Pompeo Will Continue In This Way At The State Department. SEN. CORY GARDNER (R-CO): 'We worked together and I can tell my colleagues on the committee, there's no one that came better prepared with more understanding of the issues and always looking for a creative answer. I think that's something I always admired about his work in the house. I know that continued as Director of the CIA and will continue at the State Department.' (Committee On Foreign Affairs, U.S. Senate, Hearing , 04/12/18)

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Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) Said Pompeo's Established Good Relationship With The President Is An Important Advantage, Adding That Pompeo 'Knows The President Very Very Well, And He's Been Involved In Policy Decisions.' 'Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, the committee's Republican chairman, said Pompeo's established good relationship with Trump is an important advantage. 'Tillerson didn't know the president,' Corker said. 'He was asked out of the blue, and he certainly had no idea what type of policies they were going to carry out. This one knows the president very very well, and he's been involved in policy decisions.'' (Nick Wadhams and Laura Litvan, 'Pompeo On The Spot To Define Trump's Strategy In Confirmation Hearing,' Bloomberg , 4/11/18)

Senator Johnny Issakson (R-GA) Urged Pompeo To Replicate The 'Unity' And 'Understanding Of The Mission,' 'Fire,' And 'Energy' To The State Department As He Did With The CIA. SEN. JOHNNY ISSAKSON (R-GA): 'As I understand it, and I'm not schilling for anyone, but as I understand it, the attitudes at the state department are the best they've ever been. The unity there is strong and the understanding of the mission of the rank and file employees is great. So I want to challenge you to replicate, where possible, in the State Department that same energy and fire that you have as a CIA. Because the State Department needs it desperately and the State Department is our hope for peaceful settlements of difficult problems and putting our best foot forward early. So if you can do that, you'll be a great secretary. Would you commit to trying to replicate what you've done there already and please feel free to brag about your -- brag about yourself.' (Committee On Foreign Affairs, U.S. Senate, Hearing , 04/12/18)

Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Called Pompeo 'Perfectly Well-Qualified.' 'Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has called Pompeo 'perfectly well-qualified,' a sentiment echoed by many Republicans.' (Nick Wadhams and Laura Litvan, 'Pompeo On The Spot To Define Trump's Strategy In Confirmation Hearing,' Bloomberg , 4/11/18)

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) Said Pompeo Is 'Absolutely The Right Person For The Job.' ''I believe he is eminently qualified and I believe the American people will see that,' said Senator John Barrasso, a Wyoming Republican and member of the Foreign Relations panel. He said Pompeo is 'absolutely the right person for the job.'' (Nick Wadhams and Laura Litvan, 'Pompeo On The Spot To Define Trump's Strategy In Confirmation Hearing,' Bloomberg , 4/11/18)

Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) Tweeted That The United States Needs Pompeo At The State Department And That 'We Need Him Now.' 'Whenever there is a void, the world pays a price. We need Mike Pompeo at the @StateDept. We need him now. #SFRC' (Sen. Pat Roberts, Twitter Feed , 04/12/18)

Representative Lynn Jenkins (D-KS) Tweeted She Thought Mike Pompeo Would Be A 'Great Secretary Of State.' 'Today my friend and fellow Kansan Mike Pompeo will appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to begin confirmation hearings as the next Secretary of State. I wish him the best and think he will be a great Secretary of State.' (Rep. Lynn Jenkins, Twitter Feed , 04/12/18)

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) Tweeted There Was No 'Better Choice For Secretary Of State,' Than Mike Pompeo. 'I truly believe there is no better choice for Secretary of State than my friend Mike Pompeo--one of the most thoughtful individuals I've had the chance to work with in Congress. He would serve our country well. I'm confident my Senate colleagues will see that today.' (Rep. Mark Meadows, Twitter Feed , 04/12/18)

Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS) Said Pompeo 'Will Serve Our Nation With Honor & Distinction In His New Role & Provide A Strong Voice On Iran, NK (North Korea), & Russia.' 'Proud of these great Kansans & looking forward to Mike Pompeo receiving the same bipartisan confirmation vote for Secretary of State he received as Director of CIA. He will serve our nation with honor & distinction in his new role & provide a strong voice on Iran, NK, & Russia.'(Rep. Kevin Yoder, Twitter Feed , 4/12/18)

Pundits Have Also Praised Pompeo's Performance

CNBC Reporter John Hardwood: 'Strong Opening Statement From Pompeo.' 'Strong opening statement from Pompeo'(John Harwood, Twitter Feed , 4/12/18)

MSNBC And CNN Regular Commentator Hugh Hewitt Called CIA Director Pompeo 'Obviously Competent And Urgently Needed,' And That He Didn't See How Democrats Like Senators Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Manchin (D-WV), And Joe Donnelly (D-IN) Could Vote Against Him. 'Although @SenAngusKing could probably get elected #KingInTheNorth in ME, I don't think@HeidiHeitkamp@JoeManchinWV@SenDonnelly other red state Ds can vote against the obviously competent and urgently needed @CIA Director Pompeo to be SecState.' (Hugh Hewitt, Twitter Feed , 04/12/18)

Current And Former National Security Officials Have Similarly Echoed Their Confidence In Pompeo's Qualifications And Capabilities

30 Former Government Officials With National Security Experience Wrote A Letter To The Top Members Of The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Endorsing Pompeo. 'Thirty former government officials with national security experience have written a letter to the top Republican and Democratic members of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, Sens. Bob Corker and Bob Menendez, endorsing the current CIA Director and former Kansas Congressman.' (Kylie Atwood, 'Group Of Former National Security Officials Endorse Pompeo To Lead State,' CBS News , 4/11/18)

  • The Authors Argued That 'Pompeo Is The Right Man' And 'A Strong Choice To Lead The Department Of State At A Time Of Great Uncertainty In The World.' 'The authors cite the 'hot wars' in Syria and Afghanistan, emerging crises in Iran and North Korea, as well as humanitarian disasters in Venezuela and across Africa, arguing that Pompeo is the right man to confront those challenges. 'In every single one of these areas, strong American leadership is critical,' they explain. 'We believe that Director Pompeo is a strong choice to lead the Department of State at a time of great uncertainty in the world, where robust leadership from the Department and our nation is needed.'' (Kylie Atwood, 'Group Of Former National Security Officials Endorse Pompeo To Lead State,' CBS News , 4/11/18)
  • The Letter Stated That The Government Officials 'Have No Doubt That If Confirmed, Mike Would Work Diligently To Restore The Department Of State To Its Rightful Place.' ''We have no doubt that if confirmed, Mike would work diligently to restore the Department of State to its rightful place and would serve with honor and distinction as he has in his previous service for our nation.'' (Kylie Atwood, 'Group Of Former National Security Officials Endorse Pompeo To Lead State,' CBS News , 4/11/18)
  • 'The List Of Signatories Include[d] Keith Alexander, Who Served As The Director Of The National Security Agency Under President George W. Bush And President Obama, And Former Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey.' 'The list of signatories includes Keith Alexander, who served as the director of the National Security Agency under President George W. Bush and President Obama, and former attorney general Michael B. Mukasey.' (Kylie Atwood, 'Group Of Former National Security Officials Endorse Pompeo To Lead State,' CBS News , 4/11/18)

Former Deputy Director Of The CIA Mike Morell Said Pompeo Was 'Exceptional' As The Director Of The CIA And Stated That He Fully Expected Pompeo Would Be A 'Similarly Effective Leader As Our Nation's Secretary Of State. 'Mike Morell, a former deputy director of the CIA, said that Pompeo will likely fight for the State Department to get more resources, after a year in which the administration aimed to cut agency staff by about 30%. Pompeo 'did an exceptional job as the Director of the CIA. He focused both operations and analysis on the needs of the President, he set the bar high for his officers, and he gave them the running room and the support to get the job done,' Morell told CNN. 'He took advantage of the knowledge and experience of the career professionals at CIA, and he successfully argued for additional resources for the Agency. I fully expect that he will be a similarly effective leader as our nation's Secretary of State.'' (Nicole Gauette, Elise Labott, and Jenna McClaughlin, 'Pompeo Faces Democratic Headwinds In Bid To Be Top US Diplomat,' CNN , 04/11/18)

Director Of National Intelligence Daniel Coats Thanked Pompeo For His Intelligence Community Service And Said He Looked 'Forward To Continuing To Work With Him In This New Role.' 'DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE DANIEL COATS: 'I also would like to thank CIA Director Mike Pompeo for his Intelligence Community service and to congratulate him on his pending nomination to serve as Secretary of State. I wish the very best for him as he assumes the important role of Secretary of State. I look forward to continuing to work with him in this new role.'' (Statements and Releases, 'What They Are Saying: Support For President Trump's Nomination Of Mike Pompeo For Secretary Of State,' The White House , 3/14/18)

United States Ambassador To The United Nations Nikki Haley Said Nominating Pompeo For Secretary Of State Was A 'Great Decision By The President.' UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS NIKKI HALEY: 'Congratulations to my friend and soon to be Secretary of State Mike Pompeo! Great decision by the President.' (Statements and Releases, 'What They Are Saying: Support For President Trump's Nomination Of Mike Pompeo For Secretary Of State,' The White House , 3/14/18)

Director Of The Office Of Management And Budget Mick Mulvaney Called Pompeo 'A Tremendous Choice' And Said 'He'll Make An Excellent Secretary Of State.' DIRECTOR OF THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET MICK MULVANEY: 'Mike is a tremendous choice. He has earned the respect of his colleagues in Congress, at the CIA, and within the Administration. And he has done that the right way: by being really good at his job. He'll make an excellent Secretary of State.' (Press Release, 'What They Are Saying: Support For President Trump's Nomination Of Mike Pompeo For Secretary Of State,' The White House , 3/14/18)

Former Member Of President George W. Bush's Senior White House Staff Bradley Blakeman Tweeted That He Was 'Looking Forward To The Days Of Pompeo At State.' 'Looking forward to the days of Pompeo at State.' (Bradley Blakeman, Twitter Feed , 04/12/18)

93 Signatories Signed A Statement Endorsing Pompeo For Secretary Of State. 'Ninety-three leaders in the conservative movement signed a statement, released today, endorsing President Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the current director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).' (Michael W. Chapman, 'Conservatives Rally To Support Secretary Of State-Nominee Mike Pompeo,' CNS News , 4/2/18)

  • The Letter Stated That Pompeo 'Will Be A Positive Agent For Change At The State Department, And A Valuable Asset To President Trump.' 'Mike Pompeo will be a positive agent for change at the State Department, and a valuable asset to President Trump in imparting his agenda at home and abroad. We support his nomination and urge his swift confirmation.' ('Conservatives Support The Nomination Of Mike Pompeo To Lead The State Department,' Conservative Action Project , 4/2/18)
  • Signatures Included Those Of The Former Attorney General For President Ronald Reagan Edwin Meese III, Former Chief Domestic Advisor For President Reagan T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr., And Former White House Advisor For President Reagan Becky Norton Dunlop. ('Conservatives Support The Nomination Of Mike Pompeo To Lead The State Department,' Conservative Action Project , 4/2/18)

Dennis Ross, A Former Negotiator On Middle East Peace Talks Who Served Three Presidents, Said Pompeo 'Seems To Understand How To Work Within The Bureaucracy And How To Take Advantage Of The Bureaucracy That Works For Him.' ''Unlike Tillerson, he seems to understand how to work within the bureaucracy and how to take advantage of the bureaucracy that works for him,' Dennis Ross, a former negotiator on Middle East peace talks who served three presidents, said of Pompeo.' (Nick Wadhams and Laura Litvan, 'Pompeo On The Spot To Define Trump's Strategy In Confirmation Hearing,' Bloomberg , 4/11/18)

Current And Former State Department Officials Have Embraced Pompeo Calling Their Interactions With Him 'Very Positive' And Saying He Left Career Staff Feeling 'Optimistic'

Former Clinton Secretary Of State Madeleine Albright Said The State Department Needs A Secretary Of State Quickly And That Pompeo Would Be 'Somebody That Replenishes the State Department,' So People 'Can Do The Job Of Diplomacy.' RADIO HOST HUGH HEWITT: 'Do you expect Director Pompeo to be confirmed? Do you think he ought to be confirmed?' FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE MADELINE ALBRIGHT: 'Well, I don't want to, you know, I'm not a senator, but I do think what is important is for them to, hearings are very important, confirmation hearings, having gone through two of them. And I think that from what I've read, he is very well prepared for those. He has been a member of Congress. And he's had a job recently that has put him in a position of knowing an awful lot. So I do think the State Department needs a Secretary of State quickly, and that he will be somebody that replenishes the State Department so that there really are people that can do the job of diplomacy. You can't do diplomacy without diplomats.' (Salem Radio Network's ' Hugh Hewitt Show ,' 04/12/18)

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Before His Nomination Hearing, CIA Director Mike Pompeo Reached Out To A Range Of State Department Career Civil And Foreign Service Staffers. ' He's also talking to a range of people at the State Department, including career civil and foreign service staffers who felt sidelined under former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.' (Nahal Toosi, 'Pompeo Asks Clinton For Advice As He Preps For Confirmation Battle,' Politico , 04/10/18)

Politico Reported That Many State Staffers Were 'Eager To See Pompeo Take The Reins…' While many State staffers are eager to see Pompeo take the reins - in some cases hoping that his strong personal relationship with Trump will be good for the department - his reputation among U.S. diplomats has some dark blemishes. (Nahal Toosi, 'Pompeo Asks Clinton For Advice As He Preps For Confirmation Battle,' Politico , 04/10/18)

Pompeo's Meetings With State Department Employees Were Called 'Very Positive And Left Career Staff Feeling Optimistic.' 'Aware of the opposition he's facing, Pompeo has been spending time at the State Department preparing for his confirmation hearing, getting briefed on issues and sitting through mock hearings known as murder boards, according to a source close to Pompeo. The senior State Department official said that Pompeo's meetings with employees have been very positive and left career staff feeling optimistic.' (Nicole Gauette, Elise Labott, and Jenna McClaughlin, 'Pompeo Faces Democratic Headwinds In Bid To Be Top US Diplomat,' CNN , 04/11/18)

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