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'Nothing like family'

  • Telekom launches second phase of its second card campaign
  • New spot celebrates the daily family madness

'Nothing like family'

Deutsche Telekom is launching the second phase of its second-card campaign. On Valentine's Day, it presented a message with a 'Token of Love' theme. Now, beginning on March 1, it will run a series of commercials focusing on 'Comparisons.' In them, we see short scenes of people experiencing crazy, exasperating everyday family life - and then realizing that, when all is said and done, 'there's nothing like family.' The first phase of the advertising campaign focused on cards for life partners. The second phase aims to inspire families to use second cards to bring all family members into Deutsche Telekom's 5G network, the country's biggest and best. The commercials will run until the end of March 2021.

The idea for the commercials comes from the insight that families are very special. Family members love each other, and yet family life constantly tests that love. And the lockdown of the past few months has only added to the challenges that families face at home. The commercials cast a loving eye on such 'family craziness,' and help to foster understanding for families and their situations. They remind us that our families outdo all other groups in accepting our quirks and peculiarities. And that no matter how taxing our loved ones may be, our ties to them remain among the strongest we can know.

Chatting, surfing, gaming, streaming, channel hopping, ordering - it's almost impossible to imagine life without mobile devices. Several scenes in the clips highlight this fact, with light-hearted looks at annoying everyday situations. Such as parents having to get up in the middle of the night to pick up their teenagers from a party. Or whining children upending the day's schedule. Or teenagers turning their nose up at a home-cooked meal and ordering pizza on their smartphone instead. From grownups' perspectives - and according to the off-camera narration - the 'little' dears can be 'more nocturnal than hamsters and lazier than sloths - and about as grateful as a parking meter.' But, when all is said and done, there's nothing like family - and that's why the 25-second clips all have happy ends, with everybody in harmony: watching TV together on the couch, or taking a dance challenge, with everybody laughing at each other.

Use second cards to bring your loved ones into the biggest and best 5G network

For kids and teenagers, for parents, and for couples: the offer makes sense for a range of different combinations of family members. With Deutsche Telekom's second cards, users can save up to 240 euros over the term of the card, and all that from 19.95 euros per month. In addition, MagentaONE customers enjoy a doubling of their monthly data allowance - even on second cards.

Overall, the company is offering customers four different second cards that can be ordered as a complement to a Magenta main contract: Family Card S-XL, Family Card Kids & Teens, CombiCard Data, and CombiCard Smart Connect.


  • Created by: DDB, Hamburg
  • Production: Soup Film
  • Direction: Justin Izumi
  • Mediamix: TV, OLV, Display, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
  • Media agency: mindshare and emetriq


Commercial, 25-second version 1

Commercial, 25-second version 2

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