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Display technologies at the center of the cockpit

Cockpit of the Future

Display technologies at the center of the cockpit

Display technologies are a key enabler of Faurecia's Cockpit of the Future strategy, and often serve as the entry point for a connected, personalized, and immersive experience. Two strategic priorities drive Faurecia's technology development in this field: advancing interactivity and flexibility to ensure displays respond to a range of contexts and use cases, and allowing OEMs to integrate several interfaces and functionalities into a single surface, making displays a cost-effective element of the cockpit.
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Display series

Since they first appeared in our cars, displays have been growing in size, and increasing in complexity and in numbers. Screens are evolving, and developing from purely functional tools to aesthetic features that enhance OEMs' brands and their customers' experiences in the vehicle. To us, this signals the success of Faurecia's display technologies strategy to offer a wider range of solutions for use cases in automotive settings.

Over the years, Faurecia has built a unique expertise in display technologies and systems integration in the Cockpit of the Future. With Faurecia Clarion Electronics, we are able to provide cutting-edge, energy-efficient display solutions for premium and mass-market vehicles. Our in-house design teams ensure displays are integrated intelligently and ergonomically in the vehicle, use high-quality materials come in a variety of distinct finishes, giving OEMs greater aesthetic freedom and end-users a more refined product.

Faurecia has built a best-in class ecosystem to develop cutting-edge display technologies. Working on industrial processes such as optical bonding, hardware such as advanced backlighting, and software to optimize image processing, we can enhance the quality and cost-efficiency of our products. This in turn results in both a greater range of functionalities integrated into displays and greater aesthetic freedom and fine-tuning, enriching the user's experience.

As display technologies evolve to respond to a wider range of use cases in automotive settings, Faurecia is prioritizing cockpit integration, image processing optimization and immersive functionalities. These will enable us not just to enhance existing display configurations but to push the boundaries of automotive displays. We can allow ourselves to imagine smaller, modular screens with invisible edges that can be connected to each other when needed (for instance when a user goes from taking a phone call to watching a film), or displays that blend in with their surrounding surfaces when not in use. Offering vehicle occupants connected experiences unique to mobility settings through displays will change how users interact with, and what they can expect from, the vehicle as a whole.

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