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Shavkat Mirziyoyev visits scientific institutions

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Imam Bukhari Mausoleum in Samarkand. Prayer from the Quran was read.

As it is known, the proposal to create a research center at the memorial complex was made in 2016 by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the 43rd session of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, in Tashkent. The President of the country many times examined the activities carried out within the framework of project implementation and the course of construction of this center, gave valuable recommendations. To date, construction and finishing works have been completed.
The Head of the state became acquainted with conditions created in the center.

The center will be engaged in studying the scientific and spiritual heritage of Imam Bukhari and other scientists and thinkers, publishing scientific translations and interpretations of their works, collection of electronic copies of manuscripts stored in libraries, archival funds of the country and abroad, bringing them to people and the world community. All necessary conditions have been created here for studying the rich heritage of our ancestors, training highly qualified specialists.

There is a museum on the first floor of the center. It tells about the life, scientific journeys of Imam Bukhari. There is an ancient copy of Sahih Al Bukhari manuscript in the center of the museum.

During familiarization with the museum, the President noted that this place would give visitors an insight and knowledge about Imam Bukhari.

- Another science center appeared on the world map. It will contribute to further development of science in our country, will bring great benefits. Give youth knowledge and strength. Here, students and visitors will receive tremendous spiritual food, learn the lessons of enlightenment, - said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The center carried out certain work on studying, widespread propaganda of our great ancestors' heritage, establishment of cooperation with prestigious international centers.

Relations have been established with the countries of Europe and the East, leading centers of Islamic research and world universities. Cooperation is established with the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, the University of Cambridge of the United Kingdom, the Al-Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation, the British Museum, the Arab World Institute, the National Library of France and other scientific institutions.

Scientists of the center prepared 17 books for publication, such as Imam Bukhari, Life and Scientific Heritage of Alauddin Usmandi Samarkandi, Lubobul Hadith.

Electronic copies of 535 manuscripts and lithographic works stored in library collections of foreign countries have been created. A catalog of 1,168 works stored in the center has been prepared.

The Head of the state gave instructions on safekeeping of manuscripts, their translation and bringing to people.

Another higher religious education institution, the Hadith School of Science, was built together with Imam Bukhari Research Center. Shavkat Mirziyoyev examined this school.
The term of study at Hadith School of Science is five years, the form of study is full-time. 10 gifted graduates of secondary special religious education institutions, who are fluent in Arabic and have the ability to memorize Hadith, have been selected for education.

At school, students will study the sciences of the Holy Quran, fiqh, religious beliefs, tafsir, the history of Islam, as well as foreign languages along with sciences of Hadith.

Organization of activity of the Hadith School of Science founded by our great ancestors is of great importance at the current stage of the country's spiritual prosperity.

It faces such immense tasks as in-depth study of scientific-theoretical foundations of sciences about Hadith, foreign languages, organization of classes based on Master-apprentice traditions, careful preservation of religious values in a secular state, preparation of scientific translations and comparative texts of works of experts in Hadith sciences, publishing them in Uzbek and foreign languages, organizing scientific workshops and conferences, and most importantly, counteraction to any manifestations of intolerance, extremism and terrorism with the help of science, enlightenment and high morals on the basis of Enlightenment Against Ignorance principle.

It is envisaged that in the future, graduates of the Hadith School of Science can teach religious sciences, in particular the science of Hadith, occupy positions of imam-hatib, research worker in religious organizations, as well as work as a research worker in scientific-research centers.

Graduates can continue their education in the master's studies, doctoral programs of the Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan.

The President of the country noted the need for improving teaching methods at school, developing cooperation with international research centers.

Source: UzA