Thom Tillis

12/29/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/01/2018 16:12

Thom Tillis: A Republican In Need Of Outcomes

'When he dies, he said, he wants his epitaph to read: 'Thom Tillis. Former speaker, former senator, RINO.'

Nervous laughter went up from the crowd. RINO is a dirty word in GOP circles; it means Republican In Name Only and suggests someone who is too moderate to be a true member of the party.

But Tillis, who has been on the receiving end of such criticism before, said he invented a new meaning for the term. To him it means 'Republican In Need of Outcomes.'

If a debate between Republicans comes down to choosing between an idea that is unrealistic but will sound good to the party base and one that needs a compromise but has an actual chance at creating change, he said it's 'politically courageous' to support the latter.

'What we need to do is be the party of results,' Tillis said.' (Raleigh News & Observer, 5/12/17)