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The Complete, Updated List of TiVo+ Channels

The Complete, Updated List of TiVo+ Channels

Posted January 9, 2020
The Complete, Updated List of TiVo+ Channels2020-01-092020-01-09https://blog.tivo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/tivo_logo.pngTiVo Bloghttps://blog.tivo.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/the-complete-list-of-tivo-plus-channels-updated-regularly-2.png200px200px

TiVo+ is a giant collection of free entertainment, exclusively for TiVo® customers. Tap your home button () and open up TiVo+ to find dozens of channels. Look for this icon: It's available on TiVo EDGE™ and TiVo BOLT™ with the latest software update. More on that here.

Here's a list of all the latest TiVo+ channels, and the TiVo+ channels coming soon, by category.


Movies and TV

Filmrise Free Movies

Comedies, romances, dramas, horror films, documentaries, & foreign language films.

Filmrise Classic TV

From The Greatest American Hero to Silk Stalkings to 3rd Rock From the Sun, you can find hours of free TV here.

Filmrise Family

Family-friendly movies and TV shows, from classic comedy to thrilling TV adventure.

The Preview Channel

The only 24 hr. TV channel devoted to new Hollywood film and video game previews, star and director interviews and special behind-the-scenes footage.

Filmrise Unsolved Mysteries

Hosted by Robert Stack, this series uses re-enactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of, well, mysteries that are unsolved.

The Asylum
The Asylum is a channel from the producers of #Sharknado,
Syfy's longest running show #Znation, and a library of over 250 original productions.
Law & Crime
Law & Crime brings you the day's biggest trials and legal controversies.
American Classics

Just added - summary coming soon!

OMG! Network

The home of OMG moments from the craziest and oddest TV shows - expect mayhem.

Reel Truth

The home of amazing documentaries. Here you will find full episode documentaries and documentary series, covering true crime, medical, science and more.

Entertainment, Comedy, Pop Culture

The Pet Collective

A channel for the pet-obsessed community that promotes joyful moments and fuels your pet lifestyle. Entertainment, pet-ucation, the newest trends and products, and everything in between.

People are Awesome

Amazing videos that feature ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

America's Funniest Home Videos

Amateur videographers in the U.S. submit funny and embarrassing videos with the hope of winning thousands in prize money.

Fail Army

Every success begins with a failure, says FailArmy. Watch funny fail videos, pranks, and compilations here.


A line-up bursting with facts about science, pop culture, movies, TV, gaming, celebrities, and conspiracies, along with truths about myths and misconceptions.


A network committed to breaking the biggest stories in celebrity and entertainment news.

Funny or Die

Funny Or Die features your favorite comedians and celebrities in comedy videos. Founded in 2007 by Will Ferrell, Funny Or Die churns out hilarious videos to make you laugh.

The Chive

The best jaw dropping viral videos, and an unparalleled community of 40M+ Chivers-sexy creatures, generous misfits, crazy hooligans, and a family of people just trying to make the world 10% happier.


Videos that exemplify the convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.


Adventure Sports Network
ASN shares the stories of outdoor and action sports enthusiasts, as well as the encounters that happen along the ride. Programming brings to life the joy, the fear, the escape, and the community in a social and mobile world.
Football Daily

The home of football (or soccer as some call it). You'll find: Winners & Losers, Viral Footy News, Sunday Vibes, The 12th Man, Transfer Talks, Top 10s & loads more!

Outside TV

A sports-oriented network dedicated to active adventure lifestyle across the United States.


Just added - summary coming soon!

MMA Junkie

MMA Junkie is the world's leading MMA site, bringing event coverage, interviews, analysis, fight bookings and other news from across the globe. Part of USA TODAY Sports.

Kids and Family

Puddle Jumper

A collection of YouTube animated children's series, including Bananas in Pyjamas and Gorden the Garden Gnome.


A wide variety of videos for kids, cartoons for kids, music videos for kids, blogs for kids, video game walkthroughs for kids, and more!


Active, engaging and intelligent programming for children. Designed to spark curiosity, empower kids to explore, and develop skills that will help them with school and prepare them for life.

Kid Genius

Shows designed to intrigue kids ages toddler to teen. Stories that stimulate their senses and spark their imaginations.

Mr. Bean & Friends

The home of amazing action packed full episode cartoons for kids to enjoy.


Kabillion is filled with loads of cartoons, both new and old!

Music and Lifestyle

Baeble Music

Baeble Music features exclusive live concerts, sessions and interviews from the best bands of today and tomorrow. Find your next favorite band here.

Nature Vision

This 'All Natural Channel' features the most beautiful scenes of nature from around the world, filmed by top nature cinematographers. The result is pure relaxation.


Videos exploring topics like music, sneakers, style, sports and pop trends through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice on pop culture.

America's most watched automotive how-to programming. Find shows like Detroit Muscle, Engine Power, Truck Tech, Xtreme Off Road, PowerNation Daily, HorsePower, Muscle Car, Trucks!, Xtreme 4×4, Search & Restore, Off Road Action, and Top Dead Center.

The premiere digital media network for the inclusive 21st century queer community. As the first-ever global queer streaming service, Revry offers a uniquely curated selection of entertainment that includes iconic films, cutting-edge series, groundbreaking podcasts, music albums and videos, and originals.


WIRED, brought to us by Condé Nast, the future-looking is where tomorrow is realized.


A global community of food, home, and travel lovers. Quick recipes, original series, and more sharing food, design inspiration, and travel stories from around the world.

Latido Music

En Latido Music encontrarás contenidos exclusivos, entrevistas, formatos originales y frescos, detrás de cámaras, playlists y videos de musica latina, Reggaeton, Trap Latino, Regional Mexicana y mucho más. Latido Music es el canal para los fans de todos los géneros de la música latina.


Mobcrush is a gamer-focused live streaming service for all creators.

Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as they do. Look to them for recipes that anyone can make at home.

Condé Nast Traveler
Food and fashion, design and destinations, tips and tricks, and global inspiration.

For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men's magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. GQ's video channel covers everything from sports, style, and celebrities to grooming advice dating tips, and more.

Food and Travel

Hell's Kitchen | Kitchen Nightmares

A channel dedicated to television personality Chef Gordon Ramsay's big TV programs: the reality series 'Hell's Kitchen' (seasons 1-15) and 'Kitchen Nightmares.'


A one-stop shop for joyful living, Food52 connects home cooks with the interests they're passionate about. It features recipes and solutions to help you eat thoughtfully, live joyfully, entertain beautifully, and travel differently.


Travel inspiration to help you plan your perfect trip from scratch just for you. Journy helps you find hotels, food, activities and more-at an affordable flat rate.


A global community of food, home, and travel lovers. Quick recipes, original series, and more sharing food, design inspiration, and travel stories from around the world.


USA Today

USA Today: Smarter. Faster. More Colorful. This channel will bring you daily videos to keep you in the know.


A network focused on covering the most interesting topics through the lens of innovation in products, technologies, businesses, services, and ideas that impact us.



Newsy is your source for concise, unbiased video news and analysis covering the top stories from around the world. Newsy aims to highlight multiple sides of every story without the hype and bias.


Just added - summary coming soon!

We update this list regularly and will be releasing new programming all year long, so check back often!

Here's where you can learn more about TiVo+.


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