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Mauritius observes Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day for the first time

GIS- 10 August, 2018: Mauritius is commemorating the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Day for the first time as recommended by the Conference of African Ministers, under the theme ''Promoting Innovative Universal Civil Registration and Vital Statistics System for Good Governance and Better Lives'.

In this context, the Civil Status Division under the Prime Minister's Office organised this morning a ceremony to mark the CRVS Day at the Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port Louis. The Chief Guest, Mr Om Kumar Dabidin, Permanent Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, Mr William Mario Ayelou, Registrar of the Civil Status Division, and other officials were present.

In his address, Mr Dabidin highlighted the importance of civil registration which he underlined is an important aspect of human life. He pointed out that civil registration and vital statistics are essential for modern administrative systems, creating an inclusive society, protecting human rights, ensuring proper delivery of public services and tackling discriminations and inequalities among other related issues.

The civil registry, he underscored, provides individuals with essential legal documents required to secure basic human rights to name, identity, nationality and civil rights as well as access to basic social services. A birth registration certificate, as a legal document with the proof of age, helps to prevent violations of child rights, including child marriage, child labour and trafficking and the use of child soldiers, particularly in emergencies, he stated.

According to the Permanent Secretary, civil registration integrated with national ID management system ensures the financial inclusion of citizens, particularly women and the poor, to have access to microfinance as well as using modern banking services for transfers and collection of payments and inheritance cases. These interventions by national governments, he added, are tenets of good governance that lead to inclusive development and better lives of the society.

Mr Dabidin underpinned the need for reliable, timely and disaggregated vital statistics from a well-functioning civil registration system which are instrumental for monitoring the progress on several targets of the Agenda 2030 and the Agenda 2063 that are related to health, food-security, clean water, education, migration and gender. Without a continuous supply of reliable data on vital events from a well-functioning and universal civil registration system national, regional and global development targets cannot be measured and monitored properly, he added.

Furthermore, he highlighted Government's commitment to modernise such vital services adding that it is important to innovate and use latest technologies. According to him, investment in innovative, appropriate and affordable IT support has a great potential for efficient coordination and data interoperability, safe data handling, privacy and data quality verification system. He also pointed out that Mauritius is a model on the African continent and is viewed with high respect internationally as regards its civil registration service.

For his part, the Registrar of the Civil Status Division, Mr Ayelou, recalled that the Civil Status Division dates back to the 18th century and is an archive of citizens' events with Mauritius having the oldest civil registration in the world. He underlined the commitment of Government to transform the Division into a modern and leading organisation. As such, several initiatives have been taken to help the Division grow and meet challenges.

They include: the implementation of Info-Highway project which aims to provide a robust service platform to facilitate the consumption of published data among Government agencies and private entities to improve operation efficiency in public administration and business operations; issuing of Overseas Citizen of India Cards; ISO certification of all the offices under the Civil Status Division; construction of a Marriage Hall at the Emmanuel Anquetil building to the tune of Rs 7,3 million; revamping of IT system of the Division to the tune of Rs 17 million; and birth and death capture exercise to restore its archives.

Mr Ayelou also announced that in a bid to familiarise the population with the different services provided by the Civil Status Division, Open Days will soon be organised. He recalled that the Division comprises 33 Civil Status Offices including two in Rodrigues and one in Agalega.

The ceremony was also marked by the unveiling of a Commemorative Shield by the Permanent Secretary of the PMO and the Registrar of the Civil Status Division.

African CRVS Day

African CRVS day will be celebrated every year on the 10th of August to increase public awareness of the importance of making everyone visible in Africa through a well-functioning civil registration and vital statistics system covering the entire population and all vital events occurring in a country. It is important to have in place appropriate national legal framework, IT infrastructure and innovative business process improvement to make the CRVS system responsive to public demands by improving accessibility and quality of civil registration and related services.

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