Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

08/10/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/11/2021 02:49

Main stage of Indra 2021 Russian-Indian exercise completes near Volgograd with the use of aviation, artillery and tanks

10.08.2021 (19:00)

At the Prudboy training ground of the Southern Military District near Volgograd, during the active phase of the joint Russian-Indian exercise of land forces Indra-2021, Russian and Indian servicemen practice the actions of a joint group of forces to eliminate mock terrorists. The enemy was defeated by air strikes, as well as by artillery and tank fire.

The crews of the Su-24M front-line bombers and the Ka-52 Alligator helicopters launched missile and bomb attacks on the command posts of illegal armed formations, in turn, the crews of the Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems and the Solntsepek heavy flamethrower systems destroyed area targets and a convoy of mock enemy equipment, and tankmen on T-90A tanks and motorized riflemen on IFV-3 infantry fighting vehicles cleared the area where mock terrorists were concentrated.

With fire from RPG-7 and AGS-17 grenade launchers, the motorized infantry units of India suppressed the resistance of the mock enemy, after which the tactical airborne assault together with special forces carried out a sweep of the settlement.

Indra 2021 exercise will be held at the Prudboy training ground in the Volgograd region from August 1 to August 13 of this year. It will be attended by 250 servicemen of motorized rifle, tank and artillery units, a reconnaissance company of the motorized rifle unit of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Volgograd region, as well as a tactical group of 250 servicemen of the Indian Armed Forces.

International joint activities are carried out in accordance with the plan of international military cooperation and are aimed at strengthening and developing military cooperation between countries.

The plan for the combat training of SMD in 2021 provides for the participation of the district's military personnel in international exercises with units of the armed forces of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Armenia, Algeria, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Egypt.