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05/30/2019 | News release | Archived content

Wendy’s New 2019 Lemonade Flavors

From Strawberry Lemonade to Tropical Berry, Discover Wendy's New Lemonade Flavors this Summer

Ah, summer. The world seems to spin a little slower and you take time to relish in some classic pleasures, like enjoying an ice-cold lemonade. While there's nothing wrong with a good, old fashioned lemonade, we'll proudly say that Wendy's® lemonades are a next level version of the tried and true classic. Think of them like a tropical vacation for your taste buds on those sweltering days, and every day in between. For starters, our lemonades are mixed with fruit purees and juices from summer staples, like ripe strawberries, juicy peaches and plump blackberries, as well as exotic flavors like dragon fruit and passion fruit. And unlike some of our competitors, we strike the perfect balance of sweet and tart in every sip. This summer is all about discovering flavors that feel like they were made for you. Whether it's one of our classics, like the fan-favorite that gets everyone talking - Strawberry Lemonade, need we say more? - or one of our new offerings like Peach, Tropical Berry or Wildberry Lemonade.

We know the drink you pair with food creates a combination of flavors that can take the enjoyment of your meal to new heights. That's why we take so much pride in crafting our unique beverage lineup. What pairs well with a grilled chicken sandwich might not be the perfect companion to our fresh, never frozen beef*. Luckily, we're sharing tried and true recommendations from our culinary team so you can confidently order something that you know will pair well with your favorite Wendy's menu items.