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ICIM consegna a Caprari Spa il primo Certificato in Italia rilasciato secondo lo schema “Prodotto compatibile con l’acqua destinata al consumo umano”


The certification achieved by the leader in the production of pumps and solutions
for the integrated water cycle, anticipates the revision of European regulations relating
to materials usable in plants for drinking water.

Bari, October 11, 2017 - There could be no better setting for the issuance of the first certificate ICIM according to the scheme 'products and components used in contact with water intended for human consumption': yesterday, the Bari Water Festival, the ' Managing Director of ICIM, Gaetano Trizio, handed to Alberto Caprari, Managing Director and General Manager of Caprari SpA, as well as President of Confindustria SOUL, certification for Submersible pumps, used for collecting water from wells. These are the first two certificates ever issued in Italy and just to Caprari, the European leader in the design and implementation of solutions for water.
The new ICIM certification scheme is aimed at all producers of pipes, pumps, valves, holding tanks and water heating as well as to manufacturers of systems and components for the treatment of waters, taps and processing plants. With this scheme ICIM checks the compliance of companies in the design and manufacture of products and in the choice of the relative materials to avoid 'transfers outside the norm', to guarantee the quality and safety of water for human consumption, that is, all that relating to the preparation of food and drink or other domestic purposes.
Already, manufacturers are responsible for checks on all the products used in the sector, from the aquifer to the point of delivery and must indicate compliance before release (Ministerial Decree 174 of 2004), but the information can be also he disregarded the difficulty that companies meet the merits of the obligations and control of production processes such as documentation demonstrating compliance with legal requirements.
Thanks to the ICIM certification, companies can manage the risks related to chemical or physical sales and identify the correct compliance of their processes and results of laboratory tests to legislative requirements. The annual surveillance audits on the production system and the migration tests on a sample of materials / products, allow the oversight of continuing the ICIM certified in the five years of validity.
The proprietary scheme of voluntary certification ICIM, recognized by Accredia, follows the same principles at the basis of the current review of the National Regulations on 'materials and objects that can be used in fixed water collection, treatment, supply and distribution of water intended for human consumption ': a review that is expected imminent. This new national regulations will give the opportunity to bring the Italian legislation to that developed by some European countries (Germany, England, France and Denmark, which subsequently Portugal) is added to harmonize their national legislation and arrive at common parameters on materials and products in contact with water intended for human consumption. the objective is to facilitate the smooth implementation of the European Directive 98/83 / EC known as DWD -Drinking water Directive, compliance with which renders often difficult the free movement of goods between various countries. Not only is a growing public awareness of the water and, in general, is becoming more stringent rigor of legislation on sanitation criteria relating to drinking water.
'We are extremely pleased that the first certified according to the new ICIM-Accredia drinking water scheme goes to a company of the caliber of Caprari SpA - says Gaetano Trizio - mechanical excellence and innovation in Italy and in the world. As ICIM, we want to be the technical reference and specialist support for all companies who wish to obtain the necessary certification as a tool for development and differentiation in the markets and in its markets '.
Alberto Caprari says: 'Water is the most precious resource for the man: for us, Caprari, a daily passion. Always we respect people and the environment, and every day we choose the best materials, transforming them with the most advanced green technologies. The ICIM certification recognizes our modus consolidated operandi and marks a new stage in the relationship, ever more closely with partners and customers using: both in the projection of the regulatory and legislative development of national and European, both as an element of distinction that puts us at the top of the quality. '

ICIM is an independent certification body SOUL majority leader in the engineering, energy, heating and plumbing, engineering and safety burglary, as well as in the certification of non-regulated professions. ICIM is characterized by dynamism in the panorama of Italian and international certification, in particular in the field of sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency and the development of new certification schemes; It has broken many records in our country, among them, was the first body of Italian certification authorized to issue the Solar Keymark and the first to have the recognition as the Authorized Agency for the inspection services according to the US code ASME-Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code.

Caprari is a leader in advanced solutions for managing the integrated water cycle. The Modenese company is one of the main international companies in the production of pumps and centrifugal pumps: in addition to submersible pumps and vertical depth for the catchment, Caprari produces pumps for horizontal adduction, relaunch in water networks, pumps for the transport and the purification of civil and industrial wastewater; the Company offers a variety of specialized solutions for professional irrigation and other industrial applications, from steel to pharmaceuticals.