Agora Inc.

02/22/2021 | Press release | Archived content

The Secret to Language Training Business Success: Real-Time Engagement

Language learning providers remained resilient and even realized record growth through well-considered monetization implementations, improved product accessibility, and strategic pivoting. It is not hard to discern that most of their product offerings are based on real-time engagement, ranging from online human proctoring to live interactive classes.

If you are considering enhancing the student experience with live interactive offerings, I firmly believe Agora is your best option in the market. As one of the most advanced developer platforms, Agora provides SDKs and building blocks to enable a wide range of real-time engagement possibilities including video, audio calls, and live interactive streaming. Operating a global network of over 200 data centers, Agora provides high-quality, ultra-low latency, and reliable video/audio experience for language learners around the globe. With our robust infrastructure and a wide variety of classroom management tools, you can focus on creating a customized and engaging online learning environment that works on any device, for any class size. To learn more about our education solutions, please visit our Education page or talk to us.