Mo Brooks

07/03/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/03/2020 07:07

Mount Rushmore Heroes Represent the Best of American Exceptionalism

Washington, DC- Friday, as President Trump visits Mount Rushmore amid calls to alter, rename, and even abolish America's national treasure, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) declared his fervent defense of American history, the Mount Rushmore monument, and historical statues against Socialist Democrats and racists hellbent on erasing American history and turning our great republic into a Socialist 'utopia.'

Congressman Brooks is a cosponsor of H.R. 7358, the Mount Rushmore Protection Act by Congressman Dusty Johnson (SD-AL). This bill prohibits federal funds from being used to alter, change, destroy, or remove, in whole or in part, any name, face, or other feature on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Congressman Brooks said, 'Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are exceptional American heroes. Each contributed monumentally to America's greatness and share a common legacy of spreading freedom and liberty throughout the world. Their places on Mount Rushmore are well-deserved as exemplars of what it took to make America great, and efforts to denigrate their contributions are beyond reprehensible.'

Congressman Brooks emphasized the historical contributions of each Mount Rushmore figure, 'Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, the document that officially kicked off America's quest for independence. George Washington won the Revolutionary War, served as America's first president, and set the high standards of honor and leadership that have molded the republic to this day. Teddy Roosevelt protected America's beautiful and special lands for public enjoyment forever. Abraham Lincoln held our young nation together through the most tumultuous period in American history, freed the slaves and gave his life perfecting of union. These men represent the best of us. Generations of Americans have celebrated their contributions to our nation. They embody American exceptionalism, freedom and liberty.'

Brooks added, 'With the exception of the Civil War, America has never faced greater internal threats. Socialist Democrats and racists, as evidenced by a recent Democrat National Committee tweet that said Mount Rushmore is 'glorifying white supremacy', are dead set on undermining American's freedom and liberty. In a frenzy of delirious 'wokeness', Socialist Democrats and those who promote racial division are hellbent on destroying the very fabric of our republic.'

Brooks concluded, 'I oppose the Socialist Democrat and racist efforts to deface and destroy Mount Rushmore. I have cosponsored H.R. 7358, the Mount Rushmore Protection Act. This bill would ensure that no federal funds are used to alter, change, destroy, or remove, in whole or in part, any name, face, or other feature on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.'

Prominent Democrat and Fake News media statements calling for the destruction of Mount Rushmore: