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08/18/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/18/2020 05:34

Hrvatski Telekom realized the project of free WiFi internet in the City of Korčula


  • The City of Korčula, one of the frontrunners in the digitalization of Croatian islands, has selected Hrvatski Telekom as a reliable technological partner for the implementation of the project
  • Cities and municipalities under the WiFi4EU initiative can receive a EUR 15,000 voucher to provide free internet in public locations
  • By providing access to quality internet in urban and rural areas, through investments in the development of fiber-optic infrastructure and with the implementation of WiFi access points and mobile network, HT is actively working on the digitalization of Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom continues to digitalize cities, municipalities, and islands in Croatia, and the latest example is the implementation of the project of free WiFi internet in the City of Korčula. By doing so, Hrvatski Telekom has provided the citizens of Korčula, as well as numerous visitors to the city, with free internet in public areas. Korčula is one of the cities and municipalities that were awarded a voucher in the amount of EUR 15,000 as part of the WiFi4EU initiative. They have chosen Hrvatski Telekom as the best contractor that will technologically enable public free WiFi Internet and thus modernize and facilitate the lives of Korčula citizens and foreign visitors who come and stay in the city.

'During the implementation of this project, the challenge was to fit all the infrastructure and access points into the old city center and optimize the network to get as much coverage as possible, both in the streets and on the promenade along the city walls and beaches. This complex project would not have been possible without the expert assistance of Hrvatski Telekom, with which we continue our successful cooperation in smart city solutions. The City of Korčula is one of the frontrunners in the digitalization of Croatian islands. They confirmed this by already implemented projects such as solutions for smart waste collection or modernized parking solution, which differentiate the City of Korčula and set it as an example of a city with advanced vision and modernization strategy,' said the Mayor of the City of Korčula Andrija Fabris.

As part of the WiFi4EU initiative, the European Commission is launching projects co-financing high-quality free internet access for citizens in public places such as parks, squares, public buildings, libraries, and museums. Ten WiFi access points have been installed in the area of the City of Korčula. They have been successfully connected and integrated with the city's telecommunications network and cover locations on the east side of the city and the busiest places. It will additionally facilitate access to internet services in public spaces and improve digital connectivity in the city of Korčula. The project of free WiFi internet is vital, both for the local population and for foreign guests visiting the City of Korčula. Through quality WiFi signal coverage, they can easily connect to the internet, which allows them access to all necessary facilities.

Hrvatski Telekom is the largest private investor in digital infrastructure in Croatia, which has been continuously investing in the quality and development of mobile and fixed network infrastructure for years. 'We are proud that cities and municipalities recognize Hrvatski Telekom as a reliable technological partner, which will provide their citizens with the best experience of using the public and free internet. By deploying the project in the City of Korčula, we continue the digitalization by providing access to quality internet to as many citizens as possible. This implies investing in the development of optical infrastructure, WiFi access points, and mobile network,' said Nikola Brebrić, manager for ICT business solutions development at Hrvatski Telekom.