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HREF and NYMU Have Collaboratively Developed a Free Self-Health Management APP for Junior High Health Education

[2018/07/05] HREF and NYMU Have Collaboratively Developed a Free Self-Health Management APP for Junior High Health Education

From Left to Right: Chairman Chou, President Kou and Division Chief Wu,

join together for the signing of the memorandum of cooperation.

For the 10th anniversary memorial of writer Bo Yang, Human Rights Education Foundation (HREF), National Yang-Ming University and Taiwan Society of Physical and Mental Health Promotion held a press conference on April 30th at Huashan 1914 Creative Park. At this anniversary event, they revealed to the public that, after a number of years of development, the 'Health and Human Rights Education Platform', consisting of a website and a smartphone APP, was released. During the conference, a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education, in order to promote health education lessons for all junior high school children, with the APP acting as a supportive teaching material.

Health is a basic human right; however, the maintenance of health can only be achieved by individuals themselves and not just through reliance on doctors. The Human Rights Education Foundation and other units seek to aid the general population to self-improve their physical and mental health by mastering health self-management. They hope that through the use of the 'Health and Human Rights Platform' website and smartphone APP that they will help Taiwanese to check their own health status and thus, by changing their everyday lifestyle, health inequality will also be reduced.

NYMU Institute of Hospital and Health Care Administration Chairman Lin introduce the website and APP (left); HREF Chief Executive Officer Ku explains the details of the website.

The website targets many important health related issues: including physical activity and prolonged sitting, healthy weight status, sleep disorders, internet addiction, mental health, vision (nearsightedness, macular lesions, and glaucoma), smoking and tuberculosis control. Every issue was developed into a number of easy to answer survey questions based on standard international scales. All of these surveys questions have been previously published in international articles and thus can be used as supplementary materials when providing health education and other related services. Each person who completes the survey is able to see their results via the internet and determine whether they have a red light or green light for a particular area. If there is a red light, this suggests an immediate need for a change in lifestyle. All the issues assessed and the services provided were planed and designed by a professional team of doctors.

By signing the memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Human Rights and Education Foundation agrees to authorize all the content to be available free of charge on the 'Health and Human Rights Platform' of the Ministry of Education, at all schools and for use by parents. Both sides also agreed to continue collaborating in order to enrich the content of the 'Health and Human Rights Platform'. The Foundation stated that this program will begin as a service for Junior High students then it will expand to adults and seniors. Hopefully, in the future, this platform can be available to all Chinese around the globe and they also look forward to introducing preventive medicine and its associated basic health human rights into these individuals' everyday life.

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President Kou, Chairman Chou, Division Chief Wu and all the doctors in charge of each health related issue.