Brendan Boyle

07/12/2018 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/12/2018 13:01

GOP Rejects Boyle Amendment Preventing Cybersecurity Coordination with Russia

WASHINGTON, DC - Republican members of the Rules Committee yesterday rejected an amendment put forward by Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-13) for inclusion in the House Intelligence Authorization Act, H.R. 6237. In response to President Trump's failure to respond to Russian cyberattacks and interference with our election, even words of encouragement and openness toward collaborating with Russia on cyber defense, Congressman Boyle's amendment would have prevented the United States from collaborating with Russia on matters of cybersecurity.
President Trump arranged for an unprecedented meeting Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the heels of a NATO Summit where Trump failed to address cyberattacks, Russian interference in various democratic elections, and Russian incursion into Crimea. Reportedly, President Trump was 30 minutes late for a NATO meeting yesterday centered on Russian aggression. Congressman Boyle released the following statement upon the rejection of his amendment along party lines:
'Again, Congressional Republicans have failed to stand up to President Trump and his indifference, even tacit support, toward Russia despite its clear, incriminating record of malign activities directed at the U.S. and our allies. In this day and age, cybersecurity is paramount to the safekeeping of our democracy. Sharing our cyber-intelligence with a foreign adversary known for conducting cyberattacks against us and our allies, as President Trump has suggested, would be clearly dangerous and detrimental to U.S. national security, to say the least. President Trump's reckless remarks and continued coziness with Vladimir Putin demand a Congressional response. It's time Republicans take a stand, and put the interests of our democracy, national security, and global reputation among allies before their political interests with President Trump.'
Congressman Boyle has been an outspoken advocate for keeping the United States and democracies around the world safe from Russian aggression. In July 2017, following President Trump's twitter announcement that he discussed cybersecurity cooperation with Putin, Congressman Boyle introduced H.R.3191, the No Cyber Cooperation with Russia Act to prohibit federal funds for establishing or supporting in any way a joint cybersecurity initiative with the Government of Russia. In February, the House of Representatives passed Congressman Boyle's bill, H.R. 1997, the Ukraine Cybersecurity Cooperation Act, by a vote of 404-3 in an effort to strengthen Ukraine's ability to prevent and respond to cyberattacks. He serves as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and its Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa and Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade.