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08/23/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 08/23/2021 04:16

“Getting Around in Trento with the Green Wave”: the collaboration between AlmavivA and Trentino Trasp...


'As of September, getting around Trento will be even easier.' TTS Italia, the National Association of Telematics for Transport and Safety, interviewed Stefano Toticchi, Head of AlmavivA's Intermodal Transport Business Unit.

As we read in the association's previous newsletter, 'the system, created within the framework of the European 'C-Roads Italy 2' project, for assigning priority at traffic light intersections to buses that operate within the municipality, is currently in the testing phase. AlmavivA is also part of the project thanks to the use of IoT technology and an innovative transmission protocol: the bus sends its location to the AVM central system which forwards it to traffic light control box managed by the City of Trento so that, as the bus approaches, the traffic light turns green. The 'Green Wave' represents another step towards digitalizing the transport system, developed over the years by Trentino Trasporti, which has already adopted the Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) system created by AlmavivA for monitoring the status of the fleet and its position on the map in real time.'

Innovation of public transport, quality of service, and the safeguarding of passengers and the environment: these are the objectives of the collaboration between AlmavivA and Trentino Trasporti.

AlmavivA accompanies businesses in their pursuit of innovation and digitalization. What distinguishes the MOOVA platform for the transportation sector?

'With decades of experience in the railway industry, as an outsourcer of the Ferrovie dello Stato Group, we have expanded our horizons to include the entire transportation ecosystem, creating a platform that is able to serve the entire sector. The guidelines we adhered to were innovation and digitalization, as well as integration, multimodality, safety, and sustainability. Our focus was the passengers and thus we created our MaaS solution, which aims to support the different elements of the ecosystem with advanced and innovative systems. Our products and solutions are present in transportation sectors not only in Italy but in international markets as well: Finland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia. The effectiveness of our products and the thoroughness of our technologically advanced solutions can be experienced first hand at the Roman headquarters' Demo Center in Casal Boccone, where we're ready to show you what it means to move and move around with MOOVA.'

In Trento the project involves the use of IoT technologies, including AVM. What role and influence does technology have in the process of digitalizing the transport system? What investments must companies be prepared to make?

'The ultimate goal must always be to improve quality of life for everyone: those who work, those who travel, those who live in our cities today, and those who will live in them tomorrow. In the transportation sector, digital technologies enable solutions which can rapidly meet residents' and travelers' various mobility needs and require only a modest investment as compared to that which must be invested, for example, in infrastructure and the fleet. However, innovation must preserve the investments made by companies in previous years by strengthening the use of resources that are already there. It is, therefore, essential to innovate while integrating devices, vehicles, and systems and even simplifying their management. We at AlmavivA are ready. We have the skills, professionalism, technologies, and, therefore, solutions to innovate and meet the challenges of digitization.'