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06/29/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/29/2020 07:37

Digital Marketing Center adds Twitter support, new features, pilot for small business owners

In October, Microsoft Advertising began inviting small businesses to try Digital Marketing Center, a Microsoft Garage project. After working with many small businesses over the last few months, the team has received very encouraging feedback, has added additional features to serve user needs, and is now ready to extend the invitation to additional businesses. Small business owners can request an invitation to try Digital Marketing Center in this short, online questionnaire.

Digital Marketing Center provides small and medium businesses with a central platform to grow their business. The tool allows businesses to efficiently manage their online presence and marketing activities across paid search advertising, paid social advertising, and organic social media management. The one-stop-shop tool allows business owners to manage their digital marketing across not just Microsoft Advertising, but also leading advertising and social media platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and now, Twitter as well.

After working with small businesses from the first batch of the pilot, the Digital Marketing Center team added a number of new features to the solution.

In addition to adding support for Twitter, the team has also enabled private messaging on Facebook, a new home page experience aggregating social and ad metrics, and improved tools for ads. For example, users can now utilize a field for an extra headline, allowing advertisers to include more information in ads, leverage improved location targeting, and appeal most disapproved ads from Bing and Facebook.

The team is excited for additional feedback and would love to invite more small and medium business owners to attend. Request an invitation to join the experiment here. The tool is currently free to use-users can manage their social presence at no cost (pay only for search and social ads).

New Features

  • Social management inbox A one-stop shop for liking, replying, and direct messaging on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Image ad suggestion With image ad suggestions, you can effortlessly create appealing image ads by just picking from suggested ads
  • Improved tools for ads Users can now utilize a field for an extra headline, allowing advertisers to include more information in ads and leverage improved location targeting
  • Appeal disapproved ads Appeal most disapproved ads from Bing and Facebook
  • A new home page experience The new home page aggregates social and ad metrics in one view
  • Twitter support Now enabled

See the full list of key features on the Garage Workbench page.

Request to join the experiment

Digital Marketing Center is currently available for trial and feedback with select small businesses. If you're interested in participating in this experiment you can fill out this short, online questionnaire. To get early access to insights from the Digital Marketing Center experiment, request to receive insights and the team will be in touch.