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01/21/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/21/2021 14:59


Washington, DC - Today, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Silicon Valley), three-term member of the House Armed Services Committee and Congressional Progressive Caucus Deputy Whip, delivered a floor speech ahead of the House vote to confirm retired Army General Lloyd Austin as the next Secretary of Defense.

Full speech can be found here, excerpts below.

'In history, there are many generals who are celebrated for their logistical feats to win a war. Rare is the general who is celebrated for logistical feats to end a war. General Austin presided over the most significant withdrawal of troops and equipment, over 150,000 troops from Iraq, successfully. He helped bring that conflict to an end'

'Now, I don't think the American people are concerned about process arguments about if someone wore a uniform or didn't wear a uniform. What they want to know is the outcome. Is the leader going to help start new wars, or end wars? . . . They want to know if a leader is going to turn a blind eye toward white supremacy, or are they going to stand up for equality?'

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Congressman Khanna represents the 17th District of California, which covers communities in Silicon Valley. Visit his website at Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @RepRoKhanna.