City of Fremont, CA

02/16/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 02/16/2020 13:05

Multi-Family Organics Collection Service

State and County laws require all residents to subscribe to an organics collection service. Townhome and condominium residents must now have a third green organics cart to comply with these regulations, even if they do not generate any landscaping or yard trimmings.

The organics green cart is designated for natural, biodegradable materials that will be turned into compost, restoring nutrients and moisture to the soil. The compost is then used for landscaping, mulch, and fertilizer.

Plants from the yard, patio, or house, leftover food products such as scraps and trimmings, as well as paper that is wet, oily, or contains food residue are types of organic materials that go in the green cart.