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11/06/2017 | News release | Distributed by Public on 11/06/2017 17:02

Đuro Đaković Grupa d.d. - Notification of subscription and power of attorney forms 6th October 2017

Pursuant to Article 459, paragraph 1 of the Capital Market Act (OG 88/08, 146/08, 74/09, 54/13, 159/13, 18/15, 110/15, 123/16) and Article 2 of the Ordinance on the Disclosure of Inside Information relating, directly or indirectly, to issuer and determining justified interests of the issuer for the purpose of non-disclosure (OG 5/2009 and 85/2013) and in accordance with the Public Invitation for Subscription of Shares announced on 6 October 2017, Company Đuro Đaković Group d.d. notifies the public that the share subscription and power of attorney forms are contained in the Information Memorandum published on the Zagreb Stock Exchange website ( www.zse.hr) as well as on the Company's website (www.duro-dakovic.com).

Subscription form

Power of attorney form