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Liberty leads Apprentice after day one of NCWA Nationals, with quarterfinal pairings set


By USA Wrestling | March 09, 2018, 3:06 a.m. (ET)

ALLEN, Texas - After the first day of the NCWA National Championships, No. 1 ranked Liberty leads over No. 4 ranked Apprentice School, as the round of 16 was completed on the championship side of the bracket.

Liberty has seven athletes in the quarterfinals, with nine still alive in the consolation rounds. Apprentice also has seven quarterfinalists, and six on the back side.

Pushing 10 into the quarterfinals is No. 2 ranked Central Florida, which stands in third place, and also has three in the consolation rounds.

Rounding out the top five are No. 4 ranked and defending champion Emmanuel in fourth, followed by Brigham Young in fifth place.

All of the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the tournament advanced to the quarterfinals, which are set for Friday morning. The highest seed knocked off on the first day was No. 3 Brenden Hazelton of Grand Valley, who was pinned by No. No. 14 Kolin Johnson of Apprentice in 6:19 in the round of 16 at 133 pounds.

Returning men's champions Justice Griffith of Central Florida (133) and Stevan Webb of UConn (235) have both advanced to the quarterfinals as well.

More updates will be posted when received. The event is being broadcast live on FloWrestling, with brackets available on FloArena.

At Allen, Texas, March 8

Quarterfinal pairings

125 pounds
No. 1 Byron Smith (Middle Tennessee) vs. No. 8 Brandon Felan (Texas A&M)
No. 5 Deonte Carter (UMBC) vs. No. 4 Timothy Sakow (Central Florida)
No. 3 Jacob Toledo (Central Florida) vs. No. 6 Melvin Rubio (Queens)
No. 10 Alberto Perez (Emmanuel) vs. No. 2 Colton Messick (Apprentice)

133 pounds
No. 1 Arthur Payne (Mott CC) vs. No. 8 Demetri Koures (Montana Tech)
No. 5 Justus Griffith (Central Florida) vs. No. 20 Colton Tracy (Brigham Young)
No. 14 Kolin Johnson (Apprentice) vs. No. 6 De'ante Evans (Toledo)
No. 7 Michael Perdomo (Penn State - Fayette) vs. No. 2 Noah Gilbert (Queens)

141 pounds
No. 1 Tyler Sage (Florida) vs. No. 8 Damon Thomas (Grays Harbor)
No. 5 Wesley Hollingsworth (East Carolina) vs. No. 13 Danny Buteau (Husson)
No. 3 Deviniare Hayes (Queens) vs. No. 6 Nick Pipes (Macomb CC)
No. 10 Shalek Colon (Apprentice) vs. No. 2 Reid Stewart (Liberty)

149 pounds
No. 1 Jay Sheppard (Emmanuel) vs. No. 8 Ty Boyd (Apprentice)
No. 5 Nick Puliti (Temple) vs. Ty'rae Carter (Texas A&M)
No. 3 Martin Mitchell (UMBC) vs. No. 6 Scott Akers (North Texas)
No. 10 Tyler Weiss (Brigham Young) vs. No. 2 Zach Blevins (Toledo)

157 pounds
No. 1 Chad Simmons (Apprentice) vs. No. 8 Matthew Seymour (Central Florida)
No. 5 Azamat Akhmedov (UMBC) vs. No. 4 Dan Vossbein (West Chester)
No. 3 Andrew Burgette (Liberty) vs. No. 6 Dan Ritz (Penn State WC)
No. 10 Josh Pine (Grays Harbor) vs. No. 2 Hunter Quinn (Emmanuel)

165 pounds
No. 1 Bailey Carlson (Brigham Young) vs. No. 8 Peter Becher (East Carolina)
No. 5 Ja Jones (Emmanuel) vs. No. 4 Javiair White (Rutgers WC)
No. 3 Richard Viruet (Springfield Tech) vs. No. 6 Taylor Workman (Toledo)
No. 7 Mason Brestle (Maryland WC) vs. No. 2 Joseph Scott (Liberty)

174 pounds
No. 1 Noah Curreri (Queens) vs. No. 9 Edward Maisey (Brigham Young)
No. 21 Dan Henson (Apprentice) vs. No. 4 John Prentice (Penn State - DuBois)
No. 3 Sam Karel (Liberty) vs. No. 6 Jacob Berry (Springfield Tech)
No. 7 Ethan Ahrens (Central Florida) vs. No. 2 Shane Brown (Akron)

184 pounds
No. 1 George Vanvalen (Alfred State) vs. No. 8 Brad Kata (Central Florida)
No. 5 Jarrod Smiley (Central Florida) vs. No. 4 Joshua Mcilhenny (Liberty)
No. 3 Jerron Thomas (Mott CC) vs. No. 6 George Andrews (UConn)
No. 7 Brenden Devries (Grand Valley State) vs. No. 2 Vincent Levin (Florida Gulf Coast)

197 pounds
No. 1 Robert Lapeter (Florida State) vs. No. 8 River Robertson (Maine)
No. 12 Broc Dokos (Springfield Tech) vs. No. 4 Sean Kennedy (Middle Tennessee)
No. 3 Randolph Prud'homme (Central Florida) vs. No. 11 Costas Hatzipavlides (Iowa State WC)
No. 7 Jack Dahlgren (Grays Harbor) vs. No. 2 Ross Graham (Apprentice)

235 pounds
No. 1 Austin Amos (Liberty) vs. No. 9 Giovanni Guarnero (Winona State)
No. 5 Drew Barrett (Queens) vs. No. 4 Seth Brennock (Ohio State WC)
No. 3 Harun Bogdanic (Grand Valley State) vs. No. 11 Luttere Eglaus (Central Florida)
No. 7 Richie Mcclendon (Middle Tennessee) vs. No. 2 Stevan Webb (UConn)

285 pounds
No. 1 Jesse Gaudin (Central Florida) vs. No. 8 Ryan Mattison (Alfred State)
No. 5 Miguel Correa (Grand Valley State) vs. No. 4 Nathan Spinetti (Penn State - Fayette)
No. 3 Donavan Lozada (Springfield Tech) vs. No. 6 Dominick Johnson (Liberty)
No. 7 Chukwudi Kalu (UMBC) vs. No. 2 Dylan Stadel (Utah State)

Top 20 after day one

1 Liberty 74
2 Apprentice 66.5
3 Central Florida 60
4 Emmanuel 56
5 Brigham Young 55.5
6 Grays Harbor 50
6 Washington State 50
8 Middle Tennessee 49
8 Springfield Tech 49
10 Grand Valley State 46
11 UMBC 45.5
12 Queens 42
13 Colorado State 33
14 Toledo 32
15 Alfred State 31
16 Akron 29
17 Maine 28
18 Florida 27
19 Penn State WC 25.5
20 Iowa State WC 25

Round of 16 results

125 Byron Smith (Middle Tennessee) TF Pleatheal Roberts (UNLV), 16-0 3:03
125 Brandon Felan (Texas A&M) DEC Raymon Troncoso (Florida), 12-10 SV
125 Deonte Carter (UMBC) F Colton Davis (Pitt - Bradford), 1:46
125 Timothy Sakow (Central Florida) DEC Jason Smith (Liberty), 9-4
125 Jacob Toledo (Central Florida) TF Chris Vega (Springfield Tech), 17-2 6:32
125 Melvin Rubio (Queens) F Alejandro Martinez (Wayne State), 1:28
125 Alberto Perez (Emmanuel) F Manuel Canfijn (West Chester), 3:58
125 Colton Messick (Apprentice) DEC Jesse Torres (Grays Harbor), 6-4

133 Arthur Payne (Mott CC) TF Taylor Swanson (North Texas), 17-2 6:14
133 Demetri Koures (Montana Tech) DEC Tyler Petrochko (Yale), 5-2
133 Justus Griffith (Central Florida) DEC Anthony Monahan (Apprentice), 10-5
133 Colton Tracy (Brigham Young) DEC Emery Cline (Emmanuel), 6-1
133 Kolin Johnson (Apprentice) F Brendan Hazelton (Grand Valley State), 6:19
133 De'ante Evans (Toledo) DEC Blake Justis (Liberty), 4-3
133 Michael Perdomo (Penn State - Fayette) F Junior Francois (Central Florida), 6:54
133 Noah Gilbert (Queens) DEC Nathan Swanson-dinsmore (Western Washington), 3-1

141 Tyler Sage (Florida) DEC Daniel Clark (Middle Tennessee), 8-4
141 Damon Thomas (Grays Harbor) DEC Colton Economy (Dixie State), 5-3
141 Wesley Hollingsworth (East Carolina) MD Timithy Ellinger (Montana Tech), 12-4
141 Danny Buteau (Husson) DEC Ashton Robinson (Liberty), 6-1
141 Deviniare Hayes (Queens) MD Carlos Garcia (Middle Tennessee), 12-0
141 Nick Pipes (Macomb CC) DEC Tanner Williams (Brigham Young), 7-6
141 Shalek Colon (Apprentice) DEC Nick Reddy (Grand Valley State), 10-7
141 Reid Stewart (Liberty) F Sam Reyant (Iowa State WC), 2:54

149 Jay Sheppard (Emmanuel) F Lane Householder (Kent State - Tuscarawas), 4:14
149 Ty Boyd (Apprentice) F Karson Ayres (Queens), 4:58
149 Nick Puliti (Temple) DEC Tyler Everett (Maine), 8-7
149 Ty'rae Carter (Texas A&M) MD Mitchel Egbert (Utah State), 15-3
149 Martin Mitchell (UMBC) F Rey Dishmey (Springfield Tech), 4:06
149 Scott Akers (North Texas) MD Tyshane Young (Grays Harbor), 11-0
149 Tyler Weiss (Brigham Young) DEC Jared Brathor (UNLV), 7-5 SV
149 Zach Blevins (Toledo) F Taylor Dawal (Colorado State), 1:05

157 Chad Simmons (Apprentice) DEC Mike Galton (Alfred State), 7-2
157 Matthew Seymour (Central Florida) DEF Ethan Kenney (Penn State - Fayette)
157 Azamat Akhmedov (UMBC) DEC Colin Saiz (Colorado State), 4-1
157 Dan Vossbein (West Chester) DEC Braxton Freeman (Akron), 4-1
157 Andrew Burgette (Liberty) DEC Josh Feuerbacher (Middle Tennessee), 6-5
157 Dan Ritz (Penn State WC) F Coltan Williams (North Texas), 4:44
157 Josh Pine (Grays Harbor) F Cody Smith (East Carolina), 0:27
157 Hunter Quinn (Emmanuel) F Joshua Fontanez (Springfield Tech), 2:28

165 Bailey Carlson (Brigham Young) DEC David Cox (Liberty), 6-4
165 Peter Becher (East Carolina) DEC Jerrod Mullins (Mott CC), 12-6
165 Ja Jones (Emmanuel) F Stephon Halliburton (Queens), 0:50
165 Javiair White (Rutgers WC) F Braiden Klimp (Grays Harbor), 3:23
165 Richard Viruet (Springfield Tech) TF Tegan Durishin (Temple), 16-0 5:54
165 Taylor Workman (Toledo) DEC Jared Torch (Kent State - Tuscarawas), 7-3 TB2
165 Mason Brestle (Maryland WC) MD Ben Peterson (Colorado State), 12-1
165 Joseph Scott (Liberty) F Cody Houston (Penn State WC), 4:44

174 Noah Curreri (Queens) F Tyler Kutz (Iowa State WC), 1:59
174 Edward Maisey (Brigham Young) MD Thomas Hatzipavlides (Penn State WC), 17-3
174 Dan Henson (Apprentice) M FOR Brandon Buckingham (UMBC), 12-3 3:51
174 John Prentice (Penn State - DuBois) DEC Stetson Potrykus (Wisconsin WC), 4-1
174 Sam Karel (Liberty) TF Zachery Woods (UMass), 20-3 7:00
174 Jacob Berry (Springfield Tech) MD Brady Bischer (Grand Valley State), 11-2
174 Ethan Ahrens (Central Florida) MD Jeremy Mosley (Apprentice), 10-1
174 Shane Brown (Akron) MD Karson Christiansen (Brigham Young), 9-1

184 George Vanvalen (Alfred State) MD Tyler Roling (Iowa State WC), 11-0
184 Brad Kata (Central Florida) MD Rusty Wilson (Maine), 10-1
184 Jarrod Smiley (Central Florida) DEC Dominic Vasquez (Toledo), 9-2
184 Joshua Mcilhenny (Liberty) F Cameron Dewey (West Chester), 1:13
184 Jerron Thomas (Mott CC) TF Cody Richmond (Liberty), 18-2 2:58
184 George Andrews (UConn) TF Mauro Beteta (Maryland WC), 21-5 4:30
184 Brenden Devries (Grand Valley State) DEC Wes Sorey (Apprentice), 11-8
184 Vincent Levin (Florida Gulf Coast) MD Drake Dudley (North Texas), 21-10

197 Robert Lapeter (Florida State) DEC Ernest Tessein (Temple), 4-1
197 River Robertson (Maine) MD Deontay Wadley (Penn State WC), 10-2
197 Broc Dokos (Springfield Tech) MD Taylor Westlake (Liberty), 11-1
197 Sean Kennedy (Middle Tennessee) F Mason Mckenzie (Grays Harbor), 0:27
197 Randolph Prud'homme (Central Florida) DEC Jacob Martin (Brigham Young), 8-1
197 Costas Hatzipavlides (Iowa State WC) MD Jesse Slocum (Akron), 10-1
197 Jack Dahlgren (Grays Harbor) F Austin Jacque (Williamson Trade), 5:39
197 Ross Graham (Apprentice) F Benjie Hund (Queens), 4:14

235 Austin Amos (Liberty) TF Blaine Nye (Colorado State), 16-1 2:04
235 Giovanni Guarnero (Winona State) DEC Gunnar Lynch (Penn State - Fayette), 4-3
235 Drew Barrett (Queens) TF Oliver Feagin (Rensselaer Polytechnic), 17-1 5:48
235 Seth Brennock (Ohio State WC) MD Brandyn Whitacre (Alfred State), 22-10
235 Harun Bogdanic (Grand Valley State) DEC Edgars Plorinsh (Washington), 3-1
235 Luttere Eglaus (Central Florida) DEC Danny Falconer (Clemson), 6-4
235 Richie Mcclendon (Middle Tennessee) F Jacob Childs (Brigham Young), 1:48
235 Stevan Webb (UConn) F David Smith (Liberty), 4:48

285 Jesse Gaudin (Central Florida) DEC Jacob Marin (Queens), 12-7
285 Ryan Mattison (Alfred State) MD Daniel Eslick (Iowa State WC), 8-0
285 Miguel Correa (Grand Valley State) DEC Ikaika Neal (North Texas), 4-2
285 Nathan Spinetti (Penn State - Fayette) MD Octavio Alejandre (Grays Harbor), 8-0
285 Donavan Lozada (Springfield Tech) F Michael Scullin (Georgia), 0:34
285 Dominick Johnson (Liberty) F Austin Wells (Middle Tennessee), 6:23
285 Chukwudi Kalu (UMBC) DEC Shakeem Lassiter (Apprentice), 3-1
285 Dylan Stadel (Utah State) F Christopher Woods (Houston - Downtown), 1:10