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Marxist IQ: 100 years of the CPUSA

1. Communist party USA activists and their close allies made huge contributions to the most important gains made be the labor movement in U.S. history. Which of the following was not a CPUSA activist or close ally working with CPUSA leadership:

a. Harry Bridges, founding member and leader of the ILWU;
b. Mike Quill, founding member and leader of the TWU;
c. George Meany, President of the AFL-CIO;
d. James Matles, leader of the UE.

2. The CPUSA was founded after WWI by:

a. The right wing of the Socialist party who wanted to 'Americanize' the party and eliminate the name 'socialist;'
b. Bohemian intellectuals and artists of the 'lost generation' who believed in 'revolution for the hell of it;'
c. Left-wing socialists and anti-syndicalist elements of the IWW influenced directly by the experience of the Russian Empire Socialist revolution;
d. Soviet agents organizing for world revolution.

3. The longest serving General Secretary of the CPUSA to this day was:

a. Charles Ruthenberg;
b. Gus Hall;
c. Earl Browder;
d. Eugene Dennis.

4. Although mass media in the cold war and postcold war period have either completely demonized or denied the existence of the CPUSA, CPUSA activists in recent decades have played a very significant role in:

a. Unions and mass organizations fighting in the past against the Korean and Vietnam Wars, coups in many countries and today against attempted coups in Venezuela and wars and war in Syria, and possible war against Iran;
b. Unions and mass organizations fighting against the deindustrialization of the U.S. and the attack on private and public sector unions and today for a 15$ minimum wage and the Green New Deal;
c. Unions and mass organizations fighting offensive to establish Civil Rights national legislation and affirmative action policies 1from the 1950s to the 1970s and against over the last 40 years the attempt to roll back those gains and the Trump administration open racist campaign to restore 'white supremacy.'
d. All of the above.

5. History shows over the last 100 years that:

a. Was the first party to point to the growth of a fascist danger (a whiff of fascism) during the Reagan administration;
b. The CPUSA failed because it did not overthrow capitalism;
c. The CPUSA should have opposed the Chinese, Cuban, Vietnamese , Venezuelan and other revolutions for socialism because they were opposed by the U.S. government and mass media;
d. The CPUSA today is wrong to focus on the defeat of Donald Trump because Trump represents the triumph of American democracy.

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