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10/30/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/29/2019 21:27

Industry, Government and Academia Jointly Establish a General Incorporated Association to Promote the Bioresource Business -Jointly Established by Kobe University, the City of[...]

Japan and other advanced countries are concerned about the social impact of increasing cases of cancer and dementia as their societies age. Addressing these issues calls for advances in preemptive medicine and personalized medicine, such as the early-stage diagnosis of disease, prediction of therapeutic efficacy, the search for biomarkers effective at diagnosing recurrence risk, and innovative drug discovery. To realize these new therapeutic and diagnostic methods at an early stage, efficient R&D is required, using biological specimens ('bioresources') associated with clinical information. For example, expectations include personalized medicine using bioresources from patients with different gene information and other clinical backgrounds, as well as R&D on ultra-early-stage diagnosis and treatment using pre-symptomatic bioresources.

Against this backdrop, Kobe University established the BioResource Center within the Kobe University Hospital International Clinical Cancer Research Center in April 2019. Its aim is to provide a (hospital-adjacent) clinical biobank that would enable researchers and R&D companies within and outside Kobe University to easily utilize bioresources. To promote the use of bioresources gathered, analyzed and stored by the BioResource Center, Kobe University, the city of Kobe, the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe, and Sysmex collaborated to establish the BioResource Innovation Hub in Kobe in October 2019.

By sharing with the BioResource Center R&D needs related to new treatment and diagnostic methods obtained in market surveys by pharmaceutical companies and R&D institutions, BRIH-K intends to effectively accumulate bioresources with high value from an R&D perspective. In addition, in collaboration with Kobe University, BRIH-K will create a framework for utilizing bioresources, taking into consideration personal information protection and other ethical considerations. BRIH-K will also propose to R&D institutions the use of bioresources extracted from needs and ideas in clinical settings, centered on the Kobe University Hospital.

By dramatically increasing the utilization of bioresources in this way and creating an autonomous and persistent needs-driven* Kobe bioresource business, we intend to create innovative healthcare technologies and develop preventive healthcare that helps benefit patients. In addition, through this business we hope to give back to society through the kindness of patients and healthy people who support this venture.

Going forward, by collaborating with health and medical facilities in the Kobe region and companies participating in the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, we hope to strengthen ties between industry, government and academia, leveraging the advantages of Japan's foremost biomedical cluster to foster innovation throughout Kobe.

Overview of the Kobe Bioresource Business