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Marxist IQ: 100 years (answers)

  1. c. George Meany, President of the AFL-CIO;(correct)
  2. c. Left-wing socialists and anti-syndicalist elements of the IWW influenced directly by the experience of the Russian Empire Socialist revolution; (correct)
  3. b. Gus Hall;(correct)
  4. d. All of the above. (correct)
  5. a. Was the first party to point to the growth of a fascist danger (a whiff of fascism) during the Reagan administration;(correct)


0 wrong: Theoretician. Write an article! Teach a class!!

1 wrong: Developed Marxist. Form a study group, join the party.

2 to 3 wrong: Class conscious worker - study harder.

4 to 5 wrong: Danger! Deviations possible. Study and then study some more lest you drift into the marsh of opportunism.