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07/05/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/05/2019 08:28

Mike Trout Won’t Keep Quiet Anymore About His Signature Cleat

For Trout, those connections to cleats from his past relay a special relationship to his own gear as a kid, but also a broader awareness of his young fan base. His benevolence toward kids is well known, giving gloves, jerseys, bats - even home runs to fans. He appreciates the almost magical power that gear has on a young player, the same power it had on him. He wanted to design a cleat any kid would be inspired to step into, but it also had to be a tool for your game, not the mouthpiece that yells for you.

'Kids have a unique relationship to their gear,' says Trout. 'Obviously, you think about young kids who are going to wear this cleat and make them look good, and more importantly, make them feel good. Nike allows me to change what I want, and in doing so, I can create a cleat that young players are hopefully excited to wear.'

Which is why the man who might go down as baseball's greatest-ever isn't biting his lip anymore in designing his signature cleat. He has a few more things to say.