Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

12/03/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/03/2021 02:58

Gunners and tankers of the Southern Military District in the Stavropol territory conducted reconnaissance of targets using the Strelets cruise missile

03.12.2021 (09:15)

The gunners of the motorized rifle unit of the Southern Military District (SMD), stationed in the Stavropol territory, conducted combat coordination with tank crews with live firing.

The servicemen carried out equipment and camouflage of firing positions, reconnaissance of targets and fire defeat of a mock enemy with the use of a modern control and communications intelligence complex (CIC) Strelets.

Also, standards for tactical, fire, engineering training were met, fire control training of regular units was conducted.

The servicemen carried out about 50 firing tasks to destroy armored vehicles and manpower of a mock enemy at a distance of up to 12 km, including from closed firing positions. After each firing task, the gunners and tankers performed an anti-fire maneuver, moving to new positions.

More than 200 military personnel of the Southern Military District took part in the combat training events, about 50 pieces of equipment were involved, including 152-mm self-propelled artillery guns Msta-S and multiple rocket launchers Grad-M, as well as T-72B3 tanks.