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11/22/2019 | Press release | Archived content

The 17th CIETAC Cup Commercial Arbitration Moot He...

The 17th CIETAC Cup Commercial Arbitration Moot Held to Cultivate Legal Talents for Belt and Road Initiative

From 17 to 22 November 2019, the 17th CIETAC Cup International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition ('CIETAC Cup') was hosted by China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission ('CIETAC') in Beijing. After 135 hearings in the 5-day round robin, knockout, semi-final and final competition, the Peking University team won the championship and East China University of Political Science and Law team won the runner-up.

CIETAC will sponsor the champion and runner-up to participate in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Competition in Vienna and Hong Kong in 2020.

(The final)

The 17th CIETAC Cup attracted nearly 700 students from 64 teams from famous universities and colleges across the country, and 135 hearings were arranged. It attracted wide attention from universities and student organizations all over the country. The number of participating teams, the number of players and the number of hearings reached a record high, and the overall level of the competition was constantly improved. This competition invited more than 150 arbitrators, professors, lawyers and experts from more than 10 countries and regions to serve as judges, and received strong support from many international well-known arbitration institutions, law firms and other legal institutions. The judges said that since its establishment in 2000, CIETAC Cup had become the first brand of arbitration competition in China, and this annual event had become a major event in China's arbitration field.

(Wang Chengjie, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CIETAC Addressed the Award Ceremony )

Wang Chengjie, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CIETAC said on the Award Ceremony held at the night of 22 November, that CIETAC was devoted to cultivate foreign-related legal talents and expand the influence of arbitration rules. CIETAC Cup has become an important platform for jointly cultivating arbitration talents and a communicating bridge to exchange ideas among domestic and foreign legal practitioners. CIETAC is willing to continue to provide a platform for student to know more about international arbitration, encourage more young students to be involved in international arbitration and make contributions to the internationalization of arbitration in China.

(Arthur Wolff, judge of CIETAC Cup, advisor of Baier Partners addressed the Award Ceremony )

ARthur Wolff, arbitrator of CIETAC, advisor of Baier Partners addressed on behalf of judges of the CIETAC Cup in the Award Ceremony. He appreciated the successful organization and the excellent performance of the players, and he encouraged more Chinese law students to participate in the CIETAC Cup.

(Highlights of the competition)

In recent years, in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, the demand for international legal service talents increased dramatically. In the context of the expanding the scale of enterprises going global, CIETAC is committed to cultivating international legal talents and serving the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. CIETAC Cup is of great help to improve the legal practice ability of arbitration of the law school students, to improve the teaching ability of international commercial arbitration and the development of arbitration law courses in colleges and universities, and to develop and reserve talents for China's arbitration law. At present, CIETAC Cup has become the first brand of China's arbitration competition, and its international influence is expanding.

At present, CIETAC has successfully held the 17th CIETAC Cup, cultivated a large number of international commercial arbitration law talents, and provided a new way for cultivating talents as China's international arbitrator. CIETAC Cup has opened the door to international commercial arbitration for many law students. Through the influence of CIETAC Cup, students' legal skills, language skills, legal practice ability have been significantly improved. A large number of participants have grown into the new force of China's international arbitration field, actively participate in the construction of China's arbitration, and become an important intellectual resource to enhance the international competitiveness of China's arbitration.