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01/13/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2022 03:35

Prime Minister Nicolae –Ionel Ciucă’s participation in the meeting of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue

Prime Minister Nicolae -Ionel Ciucă attended today, at Victoria Palace, a meeting of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue. Rising energy and natural gas prices, public sector pay and managing measures to protect the population and the economy against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were the main topics addressed.

Participants underscored the need for social dialogue, to find the best and most effective solutions designed to support the economy and maintain jobs.

Prime Minister Nicolae -Ionel Ciucă presented the new set of measures under consideration to assist both the citizens and the business sector affected by the latest increases in energy and natural gas prices, which, after being agreed at the coalition level, will be the subject of an emergency ordinance with quick effects. The Prime Minister also mentioned the need to extend the protection measures after April 1, based on a package drawn up for that purpose.

On the other hand, controls initiated at the national level for the verification of the bills issued by energy and natural gas suppliers will be intensified to verify compliance with the compensation and capping formulas established by law.

In their turn, the representatives of employers and trade unions presented a set of proposals aimed at the implementation of concrete measures for managing the situation generated by rising energy prices and the consolidation of social dialogue mechanisms which are to be analyzed at the Government level.

To back a coherent plan in the energy sector, there have been highlighted the opportunities generated by European funding and other types of investment, which will sustainably support green energy production.

The social dialogue partners requested involvement in optimizing the use of European funds under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the Operational Programmes.

Regarding the measures to prevent and combat the effects generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting emphasized the need to keep the economy going by observing the measures to protect the population.

For a uniform and efficient approach to the public pay system, a schedule will be drawn up including a series of meetings between the Government and trade union leaders, with the first dialogues to be with those in the healthcare and education sectors and to progress with other sectors. At the same time, at the level of employers, meetings will be held, starting next week, by sectors. Regular dialogues have been agreed to be held in the next period both in the format of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue and by sectors, with union and employers representatives.

Attending the meeting of the National Tripartite Council for Social Dialogue were Finance Minister Adrian Câciu, Justice Minister Cătălin Predoiu, Labour and Social Solidarity Minister Marius Budăi, Minister of Investment and European Projects Dan Vîlceanu, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Constantin -Daniel Cadariu, Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities Minister Gabriela Firea, Head of the PM Chancellery Mircea Abrudean, alongside Chairman of the Concordia Employers' Confederation Dan Șucu, and Concordia Executive Director Radu Burnete, Chairman of the National Council of Privately-owned Romanian SMEs (CNIPMMR) Florin Jianu, Vice- Chairman of General Union of Romanian Industrialists UGIR, Radu Godeanu, PNR(National Employers Confederation) Chairman Florian Costache, CONPIROM(The Romanian Employers' Confederation of Industry, Agriculture, Constructions and Services) Chairman Gheorghe Cazan, Chairman of the ALFA national trade union confederation Bogdan Hossu, Deputy Chairman of the CNSLR Fratia national free trade union confederation Marius Nistor, and Chairman of the BNS national trade union bloc Dumitru Costin, Vice -Chairman of CNS Meridian, Maxim Rogrigo Gabriel, Chairman of CSDR(Democratic Trade Union Confederation of Romania) Iacob Baciu, Chairman of CES(Economic and Social Council) Bogdan Simion, CSM Meridian(National Trade Union Confederation Meridian) Costel Ichim.