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11/09/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/09/2021 02:15

Animal Production - 3rd quarter of 2021

In Q3 2021, the total meat production reached 115 574 tonnes; it was by 1.3% more, y-o-y. Poultrymeat (45 413 tonnes; +3.7%) contributed to this result the most. The production of pigmeat was negligibly higher than in Q3 2020 (52 915 tonnes; +0.3%) but that of beef went slightly down (17 217 tonnes; 1.8%). Agricultural producer prices of cattle for slaughter increased by 6.1%, y-o-y, those of chicken for slaughter remained almost unchanged (+0.2%), and those of pigs for slaughter declined again by 6.5%, y-o-y, and by 0.5 CZK per kg in slaughter weight compared to Q2 2021. The direct milk collection decreased, y-o-y, to 764 380 thous. litres (1.5%). Agricultural producers sold milk on average for 8.89 CZK per litre.

"A slightly increasing trend in total meat production continued in Q3 2021. However, there were differences among particular meat types. While poultrymeat production rose by 3.7%, y-o-y, the amount of produced beef was by 1.8% lower. Pigmeat production remained at the same level despite further decline in prices of pigs for slaughter," Markéta Fiedlerová from the Agricultural and Forestry Statistics Unit, says.

Slaughtering and meat production
In total 55.9 thous. head of cattle were slaughtered in abattoirs in Q3 2021, i.e. by 1.9% less, y‑o‑y; of which 23.6 thous. head were bulls (+0.1), 24.7 thous. head were cows (2.7%), and 5.4 thous. head were heifers (8.3%). Production of beef went slightly down, y-o-y (1.8%) to 17 217 tonnes.
Slaughtering of pigs in Q3 2021 grew, y-o-y, to 575.4 thous. head (+1.3%). The pigmeat production, however, stayed at the last years' level (52 915 tonnes; +0.3%) due to slaughter weight of fattened pigs slightly decreased to 117.4 kg/head.
According to the statistical survey of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, the amount of poultry slaughtered in abattoirs in Q3 2021 accounted for 69 890 tonnes, which represents 45 413 tonnes of poultrymeat produced (+3.7%).

Agricultural producer prices of cattle, pigs and chicken for slaughter
Agricultural producer prices of cattle for slaughter increased by 6.1%, y-o-y; of which those of bulls for slaughter by 4.1%, those of cows for slaughter by 9.1%, and those of heifers for slaughter by 8.8%. The average price of bulls for slaughter was 46.93 CZK per kg in live weight or 85.41 CZK per kg in slaughter weight.
The prices of pigs for slaughter persisted under the values of Q3 2020 (6.5%) and reached on average 27.53 CZK per kg in live weight or 35.79 CZK per kg in slaughter weight. Farmers received by 0.50 CZK per kg of carcass weight less for pigs sold in Q3 2021 than in Q2 2021.
The prices of chicken for slaughter went up only negligibly, y-o-y (+0.2%). The producers sold chicken for slaughter of the first quality class on average for 22.88 CZK per kg in live weight.

Cross border movements - live animals and meat
According to preliminary results of cross border movements1), the number of live cattle traded in Q3 2021 was lower, y-o-y, due to lower exports as well as imports; on the contrary, the turnover of trade in live pigs and poultry was higher due to increased exports.
Exports of live cattle amounted to 53.5 thous. head (9.4%), of which 16.4 thous. head (+4.0%) were intended for slaughter and 34.9 thous. head (10.5%) for further rearing. Increased exports of animals intended for slaughter in Q3 2021 and of animals for further rearing in preceding quarters was expressed in declined production of beef. Live cattle for slaughter were exported to Austria, Germany, calves mainly to Spain, and cattle for further rearing to Slovenia, Turkey, and Croatia.
Cross border movements for the commodity piglets in Q3 2021 recorded increased exports (43.5 thous. head; +6.7%) and declined imports (23.4 thous. head; 7.3%, y-o-y). The number of pigs intended for slaughter exported accounted for 65.7 thous. head (+3.0%). Due to low prices, however, the financial value of exported pigs for slaughter decreased by 3.0%, y-o-y. Live pigs came from Denmark, Germany, and Slovakia; they were exported mainly to Slovakia, Hungary, and Germany.
Cross border movements for the commodity live poultry in Q3 2021 was characterised by higher exports and lower imports, y-o-y, of poultry juveniles as well as of chicken and hens for slaughter. The amount of exported day-old chicks (22.6 million head; +8.7%) represented almost 40% of all chicks hatched in Q3 2021. Exports of live chicken and hens for meat production amounted to 6 743 tonnes (+25.3%) and corresponded to one tenth of quarterly production of poultrymeat in Czechia. Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary were partners for imports of live poultry; their exports were directed to Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and Ukraine.
The negative balance of cross border movements of goods1) in the commodity meat deepened, y-o-y, for beef and pigmeat; it improved for poultrymeat.
In total 10 778 tonnes (+3.9%) of beef were imported and 2 992 tonnes (15.7%) exported. Imported beef came mostly from Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany. Exports were directed above all to Slovakia, the Netherlands, Austria, and Poland.
Imports of pigmeat increased again, y-o-y (69 308 tonnes; +3.7%) and its exports went slightly down to 8 814 tonnes (1.8%). Pigmeat was imported traditionally from Germany and Spain but also from Poland and Belgium; it was exported mostly to Slovakia.
Imports of poultrymeat accounted for 25 122 tonnes (11.4%) and its exports rose to 5 169 tonnes (+24.6%). More than a half of the imported poultrymeat came from Poland; the share of imports from Hungary increased. Its exports went to Slovakia, Germany, and Austria.

Milk collection and agricultural producer prices of milk
According to the statistical survey of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, in total 764 380 thousand litres of milk (1.5%) were collected from domestic producers in Q3 2021, of which 664 401 thousand litres (+1.6%) were purchased by dairies.
Agricultural producer prices of milk rose by 7.8%, y-o-y. The average price of Q-quality milk was 8.89 CZK per litre; it remains stable since the beginning of 2021.

Cross border movements - milk and milk products
In total 74.8 thous. tonnes (1.8%) of milk and milk products were imported and 287.1 thous. tonnes (1.3%) were exported in Q3 2021. A significant surplus of cross border movements of goods1) in the commodity milk and milk products went down, y-o-y, to 212 324 tonnes, mainly due to decreased exports of milk and cream. The negative balance in cheese and curd declined from 11 163 tonnes to 9321 tonnes due to increased exports (+16.5%). The surplus in acidified milk products (5 033 tonnes) went negligibly up. Milk and milk products were imported the most from Germany (mainly cheese), Poland (cheese, butter), and Slovakia (milk). Exports went above all to Germany (milk), Slovakia (milk, yoghurts), and Italy (milk, cheese).