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12/08/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/08/2021 21:22

PT Timah Tbk Emergency Response Group (ERG) Team

PT Timah Tbk Emergency Response Group (ERG) Team Evacuate Victims of the Eruption of Mount Semeru

08 December 2021

LUMAJANG - PT Timah Tbk's Emergency Response Group (ERG) team came down to help evacuate victims of the natural disaster of the eruption of Mount Semeru in Lumajang, East Java, Wednesday (12/8/2021).

Even though it only arrived early this morning, the PT Timah Tbk ERG Team immediately joined the Indonesian State Owned Enterprises Care Post and the Energy and Mineral Resources Disaster Preparedness immediately carried out their humanitarian duties.

The ERG team, which was dispatched by PT Timah Tbk, last Monday (6/12/2021), was divided into several teams, namely the evacuation team who joined the National Sar Agency, the medical team who joined the Lumajang District Health Office and the Logistics Team to distribute aid to the community require.

"The ERG team joined the Energy and Mineral Resources Disaster Preparedness Command and Indonesian State Owned Enterprises Care, we coordinated and conducted briefings with a large team under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. After that, they will be divided into several teams," said Head of Corporate Communications of PT Timah Tbk, Anggi Siahaan, Wednesday (12/8/2021).

Anggi said, based on information from the Head of the ERG Team for the Mount Semeru Disaster, Guntur Afriadi, his party's addition to assisting the implementation of emergency response measures also observed the needs of disaster victims.

"While carrying out its humanitarian duties, the team also observed what the victims' needs were. Yesterday the new team brought masks, medicines and logistical needs," said Anggi.

Anggi said that the PT Timah Tbk ERG Team sent to help the victims of the Semeru disaster was a trained team. However, they still have to apply health protocols.

"The ERG team has enough experience to help out in disasters such as the Tsunami in Aceh, the Flash Flood in Pandeglang, the Earthquake in Lombok, Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta and a number of other local disasters," he said.

Previously, the PT Timah Tbk ERG Team brought 10,000 masks and several boxes of medicines needed by the victims. In addition, they also carry logistical needs such as blankets, baby equipment and other necessities. (**)