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01/15/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/14/2020 22:20

Franca hit it and got up

The quarterfinals of the Basketball Champions League Americas opened the curtain in San Pablo with the blow of Franca. The Brazilian team showed great character, beat San Lorenzo 75-59 and was very close to the semifinals.

The directed by Helio Rubens had a tremendous determination in attack, but also in defense, to erase the Argentine champion from the field and keep a golden victory. Already in the first half the difference was noticed when Franca adjusted in his own hoop and showed San Lorenzo that he must fight enough to eliminate it.

Lucas Dias was the great figure of the night, making it clear that he is the most regular player Franca has. The power forward was hardened in defense, but also showed its skills in attack: 18 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Further, Rafael Hettsheimeir and David Jackson made their contribution, with 19 and 12 points, respectively.

San Lorenzo? He had a night to forget. From the outset, he began losing in the internal game with the loss due to injury of Justin Williams. But he did not defend well, let his opponent throw very comfortable and in attack he was very dry. Only Esteban Batista (12 points) and José Vildoza (10) had double scoring digits. He quickly filled up with personal fouls and on top, he could never correct the low production under the hoop (40-24 for Franca the dots in the paint).

Franca made the difference in the second half, with many passes and very successful shots. Dias and Hettsheimeir dominated the internal game, and Parodi and Helinho were the perfect drivers to move the ball and hurt San Lorenzo.

The Brazilians was the rhythm, won every quarter of the game and showed a performance to dream of the semifinals. The series is 1-0 for Franca, who will look for the second point next Saturday 18/1 when they return to face in Buenos Aires. In the event that San Lorenzo can win it, there will be a third game, on Monday 20/1, also in Roberto Pando.