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09/05/2017 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/05/2017 05:57

Victor Negrescu: 'We will create means by which young people can participate in our efforts to improve Romania's image in view of the exercise of the Presidency of the EU Council'

Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Victor Negrescu, attended the #RoUNYD Gala on Monday, 4 September, marking ten years since the start of the project 'Romania's Youth Delegate to the UN'. In his message, the Minister Delegate has conveyed to former and current delegates that their work within the United Nations is a model, and at the same time stressed that the current Government pays special attention to young people.

'Romania needs to capitalize on the intelligence resource and the enthusiasm of younger generations. I was, in my turn, the youngest of the Romanian MEPs, and today I am the youngest minister in the Government led by Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, which is why I will make every effort to make the voice of our generation heard. During the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2019, we will create means by which hundreds of volunteers and trainees will be able to help organize events and improve Romania's image, 'said Victor Negrescu.

In his address, the Minister Delegate mentioned that young people should be more involved in the process of strengthening the European project. 'It is very important to help and encourage young people to participate actively and creatively in debates on the future of Europe. That is why I support the creation, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sport, of a program similar to the existing Youth Delegate to the European Union in order to promote youth and democracy among the citizens of the European Union 'pointed out Victor Negrescu.

Additional information

The Youth Delegate Program at the United Nations is an internationally implemented tool to encourage young people's participation in decision-making within the institution. Romania joined the initiative a decade ago, and is currently one of more than 35 Member States out of a total of 193 who support this initiative. Running under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the program aims to train young people aged between 18-25 years in the work of the largest global decision-making force and to mobilize them in youth activities in the country. Over the ten years of existence, the program has established partnerships and collaborations with over 50 non-governmental organizations and 20 public institutions active in the youth field, both locally and internationally.