Robins Air Force Base

06/19/2017 | News release | Distributed by Public on 06/19/2017 15:09

Boil Water Advisory


To the Occupants of Turner Park:

Due to recent water line break near Turner Park, the water system pressure dropped to a level which may have allowed potentially harmful impurities to enter the water system, thereby contaminating the water.

In order to protect the public from a potentialhealth hazard, the 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight advises the occupants of Turner Park to boil all water for at least one (1) full minute after reaching a rolling boil, and then allow it to cool prior to consumption, food preparation or dish-washing. Do not use your dishwasher. Do not use the water to brush your teeth. You may use the water for showering and hand washing, but you are advised to use anti-bacterial hand sanitizer as a final step in hand washing.

Occupants should continue to boil the water as directed above until otherwise notified by the 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight. Any ice made from water which has not been boiled should not be used for drinking purposes, to include ice made by your refrigerator.

The 78th Civil Engineer Utilities Shop is presently working to finish this maintenance.

For more information, contact 78th Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight, (478)327-7555