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12/10/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/10/2019 05:19

OSCE-supported Strategies for Effective Police Reform Presented in Skopje

SKOPJE, 10 December 2019 -A series of OSCE Mission to Skopje-supported strategies designed to further professionalize and democratize the police were presented today in Skopje.

The working groups to develop strategies focusing on human resource management, training and development, and community engagement and outreach, were assigned by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski.

The OSCE Mission to Skopje facilitated the strategy development process and provided strategic input and best international practices throughout the drafting process.

The human resource strategy focuses on fostering competency-based recruitment, career development, promotion and redeployment procedures within the Ministry. The training and development strategy helps to establish clear objectives for improving the police training system, while the community engagement and communication strategy provides recommendations for the improvement of police communication and co-operation with the communities in order to improve safety for all citizens.

'We are ready to continue to support the efforts of the Ministry to strengthen the law enforcement service through the implementation of these strategies. I am particularly proud of our staff who contributed with their expertise and experience, which shows the Mission's added value in supporting the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the overall reform processes of the country,' said the Head of OSCE Mission to Skopje Clemens Koja.

'I would highlight building partnerships at local level, commitment to open and transparent policing, regular community dialogue, and improving the functioning of the Local Prevention Councils as priorities of the strategy on community engagement and communication,' said Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski while presenting the strategies. 'As of next year, we will start implementing the measures envisioned in the action plans of all strategies. Every state is responsible to ensure safety and security through democratic policing in order to increase the quality of life for its citizens,' he added.